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Chap. 3 5. a,íln.i:a:,pptioas urn the,Hookaf jo1. Verf. io. 69 fieu:.tagmod workb ( Epb. Thar we are thus wrougbr, works much upon the heart ofGod in theday of our ifflìcfion. That Codbath made us men, that we are his creawres,is a good arment, a faire plea, and trovesmuch ; but that he hash made us new men, or new creatures, his Sons by grace,and Temples of his Spirir, that he bathmade us holy, believing, righteous, is a far ffronger argument, a fuller plea, and moves much more. A foul that can go to God thus, and tell him he is hismaker ; a foul that can fay, (as'tis faid of the Church, Ira. 54.5 ) M1 maker ismy kaarband ; He that made me, bath married me tohimfelf; a foul that can fay this, may indeed triumph in and over all his tribulations. How fWeet is it to have an interefl inChrifl, and by him a relation to God as our maker in this refpe6 . When the Lord rejCts a people to the urmofl,he faith hewill not be flayd, nn not by this relation as their maker, from doing it,(Ifa.z7.1 r.) This is a people ofno underrlanding; therefore he that made themwild nct have mercyon them, and he thatformed them millpeat them no fa vow. As if the Prophet had Paid, If any argument could move the Lord to thewmercy, thiswould do it , to tell him, he bath madefach n people, or, L e is their matter. But there are none whom the Lordbath made in the third fence, as ro a new creati- on, but he will have mercy on them, and thew them favour ; his making of them fvch,is a greater mercy and an higher favour, thin Any they can ask of him; nor a:e there any ofthat making,who are of no underflanding. So they, he that is madeofGod fpiritually, needs not care for all the unmaking or undoing he can receive frommen, nor fear that he (hall ever be unmade or untnercy'd byGod. All he can lofe in this world, doth not,cannot make him mife:able, who is made fit for the world to come : He knoweth he bath an .eflate. felled upon him byhis Maker, which cannot be taken away. A man thus made,may fay tohis fpoylers , Ye have taken nothing from me but the fcraps and fweeping,, the parings and chippings of my efface: The Archers indeed have forely grie- ved me, and (hot at the, but my bow abides in firengrh, and the armes of my hands are made flrong by the hands of the mighty God offaco6. He that is fpiritually made, or made a new crea ture, ismade for ever, and in every fi`rait he may look to God his Maker, as a helper and reflorer. He that made us when we were.nothing, can help us when we are reduced to avery no- this.