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70 Chap. 3;. au Expofitionupon the Book of J o B. Verf. i©. thing. It is an encouragement to go to God for healing; becaufe he bath wounded us; Come, and let us returnunto the Lerd, ('faith the Church }for he bath torne,andhe will Nealeus,hepath fmitten, andhe willbind to up, ( Hof. 6. t. )Much more is it an encou- ragement to go unto God to be our healer, becaufe he bath been our Maker. He that hach nude us, canmend us ; He that built us, can repaire us, if we fay , as we ought, and have been taught, Where is God our maker ? Who giveth fongs io the night. Thofe words contain a fecond Confideration, why the oppref- íed'fhould leek toGod ; he givethTongs, that,.if, matter of tongs, or caule of ringing, joy and comfort, even in the night. There are feveral opinions about the meaningof these words. Some ( as I Chewed before ) interpret this verle of the oppreffors None (of them) fay, Where is God my maker, who giveth longs in the night ? So thewords are a defcrilotior, as of the great worldly fecuriry, foof the great worldly felicity of thofe oppreffors. Poor men la- bour all dayhard, and being wearied out with their labours,wben night cometh they go to. bed ; But prophane great and rich men, idle away the day, and fporc and play and fing away the night. As good men have holy Tongs in the night, (Ifa.30. 29. ) re fhall have afang as in the night, when aholy Solemnity it kept, &c. So the wicked have their wanton, vaine, revelling longs in the night, when their fenfual Solemnities are kept.Bel(kaz,er was drinking in the night,and doubtlefr,he had hismufck& longs that night:And as he had his longs, mirth, and mufck in the nighr, fo he laidnot Where is God my mattr, who giveth me fangs in the night : he in- flead of mindingGod his maker in his mirth, minded only the gods which himfelf hadmade (as the text fpeaks, Dan. ç. 4. ) Thep drankwine,andpraifed thegods ofgoldand offlver, &c. And thus cis in proportion with all the wicked to whom God gives Tongs in the night, they fay nor, where isGod my maker ? This in- terpretation which carrieth the fonds to the oppreffors before fpokenef, contains a truth, yet I !hall not flay upon ir, but take the wordsasreferring to the oppreffed. Here it may bequeried, howdoth God give them fongs in the night ? I (hall not infifl upon thofe conjefi}ures, which fome have made about thisgiving fangs in thenight. As Firfi,implying God fo