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To the Chrit.tim Reader. to tell you, that, as 1 have now, through the good band of God with me, finhed my pro- mifed Commentary upon the whole Difcourfe of Elihu with Job, divided into a Preface and four dif ialc Speeches, contained and con- tinued in fix entire Chapters 3 fo, I purpofe, through the fame offiance, to proceed (with convenient fpeed) in drawing up and fend. ing out (in one Volume more) my lender ap- jrehenfons and meditations upon the remain- in? five Chapters ofthisBook Inwhich it will appear , bow (when Elihu (doubtlefs with goodmetefs ) had aced the part of a wife and learned Moderator, in that grand Con- troverfie of Providence between Job and his three Pri6ncls , Eli,phaz , Bildad and Zophar, and had done both with him and them, it will appear, I fay, bow) God hinafelf was pleafed to -comeforthandundertake tbé matter in dif- ference , giving , as the Supream Moderator of !bat Noble Difputar-ion, an unerring land an it erraoatle Determination of it, to the fatly of,. ion, and in the iffue, to the fat'1 confo- of Job, as alfo to the high content of of :_'" that heard it, evenofhis three Friendsi .,, though they were feverely repraveç/, end Genfitred by God, as having overfeverey,re7 pra®