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To the Chritisan Reader. proved and cenfured Job , yet he gracioufly dire&led then a way to snake their attonement, and was not only reconciled unto them himfelt, but reconciled them to his fervant Job ; wind- ing all up in Peace and Love,in mutual rejoyce i.ngs andembracings. ow the God ofPeace, Truth and Love, lead us all into the love of Truth and Peace, and teach us to profit A. wayes by what bath at any time been written (according to Truth) upon thofe things, which bitufelfafore-time caufcd to be written for our learning, that we through patience andcomfort ofthe Scriptures might have hope. That, what is here written may beufeful toall, ofpecially to thofe who are (as Job was) in a fiateoffuf- fering,till they come to be (as Job is) pa`t all fuferitigs," is thehearts defire andprayer of, SIRS, September 7th a 6 6 q.. Your affecuionate Friend to ferve ou, JOSEPH CARYL.