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7z Chap. 35. eAn Expof:tionupon the Bcnk, of Jos. Verf. so. Secondly , Take night properly ; andthen thisaflertion, He givethfangs in thenight, may have this meaning ; The Lord gives .f fanaruranul- his peopleapraifingframeofheart in the night feafon ! When they laadeunztan- are wrapped up and compaffed about with outward darknefs, when they are folitary and alone, when no worldly cbjet holds mist irturt- out any occafion ofcomfort to them, yet then the Lord lets in a YìÌ¿BYäf t1StlJl y Spiro., secitat light, or alines into their fouls by his good Spirit. The Lord may ad tarides. well be laid to give longs even in the night, when by the in-talc:- Jun: diate work of his Spirit , he filleth our fpirits with joyes un- fpeakable andglorious. There are the moil ravishing fángs of the night, Hence Note. God by his good Spirit cloth often fuggeft (veet meditations andcomfortable thoughts to his people in the right. In thenight the Lord minds his fervants either of fuch mercies as they have already received, or of fuçh,as according tohis pro- mife,he is ready to,or willfurely befiow,that fo they may beburi- ed in that heavenly work of praifing him, and rejoycing inhim, when they awake or cannot fleep. This was Davids experience, (P fal. i7, 3. ) Thou haft vifitedmein thenight. Men ufe to vi- fit us in the day when we are up or awake. But ( faith David) God givesme vifits in the night, when I am in bed he gives me many a long, or makes me to rejoyce. When we are in our re- tirements, or freefl from the hurryof worldly bufineffes and en. joyments, then we are in the fittefii poflure for the entertain- ment andenjoyment of God. The Lordvifits his fervants in the night, not only ( as David there ) to try them, or as ellewhere to infiru6 them, but to comfort them, as David was allured ( 42. 8. ) The :Lord will command his loving kinelnefs in theday time, and in the night his (ong-fiaf be with me. That is, a long concerning him. Iwill fing and rejoyce, even in the night time, becaufe of the goodnefs and kindnefs of God ro me in the day. The experience of Afaph, or of David, communicated in that Pfalm to Afaph, gives further proof of this, (Pfal. 77. 6. ) where having laid, (y. r. ) I cryedunto God with my voyce, and he gave weuntome : he adds, (v.6.) I call to remembrance my long in the night that is, thofe occafions of joy and tinging which Godhash heretofore given me : Theft fangs were tweeter to