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ChaR.35. anExpofition Piton theBook,of j o Y. Verf.Io. 7a fogracious, that he giver!) us not only in the day, but in the night, occafionofjoy in forrow, namely, the view and contemplation of the Heavens and Starts, which are very pleafant and refrefhing , (Pfaff. 9.1. ) Others, Secondly, conjc6 ure, that God may be faid to give the forrowful and oppreffed ones kings in the night, by the find ing of birds in the night, of that bird efpecially which Rath its name from tinging in the night, the Nightingwl. Some infif} much upon thefe interpretations. It is, I grant, agreat mercy of Gad that when theSun isdown, we have Moon-light and Star- light, and that in the night we have the innocent hamlet's birds to fing and make us pleafant melody. But leaving thefe, we may take the words in a double notion ; Firi , Properly ; Secondly , Meta- phorically. Property, and fo togivefangs in the night, as the night is taken for night time, imports the goodnefs of Clod to man, not only in the daytime, but in the night. Hence Note. god in the night feafon, as well as in the day, gives his people matter of joy. Night-mercies deferve and call for day-praifes ; efpecially two fortsof night- mercies; Firf+, Night prefervations, (Pfal. 3. 6. ) 1 laidme down andflept,for thou Lord makeftme to dwell infafety. Thenight is fubj 6t to manydangers ; The Septuagint render ; diffribuit fully to this fenfe ; Whogiveth watch or prefervation in the night ; no urnor ru- that's matter of praife and thankfgiving to God. Secondly, he 1lodias. Sept: gives us -caufe ofpraife and ringing, not only for preferving our lives while we fleep in the night, but for refrefhing us with fleep in the night, (Pf«l, 117. 2. ) So hegiveth his beloved_pep. The Lord gives us not only fafety, but fleep. Sweet fleep is agreat mercy, (Ertl. S. 12. ) Thefleep ofa labouringman isfiner, whe- therhe`eat little or much; and they who fleep fweetly get re- frefhing and renewings of flrength after all their former labours, for new labours. So tha-, if we takenight properly for the night time, there is much 'occafion of rejoycing given byGod to manf kind rn general, and more peculiarly to his faithful' fervants, ;-rs reference to thole commonmercies of bodily fafety, and theXe- turn ofnatural flren th and fpirits. Secoondly,