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86 Chap. 35. e.IaExpoftionupon the Book of Jo's. Verf. L2, mer verfes, that is, becaufe they do not heartily and believingty t'SJ1' BC apply themfelves to God theirMaker. it r Broughton undertiands A ftcieEus fu it thus of the pride ofoppreffors ; There ( faith he) they cry,but perbi,e malo- he aofirerr not concerning the wrong'-doers pride, Others take it rum. Mont: for the priceof the opprefled ; There they cry, The word fen. Fropter fuper- dred there, is an Adverb of place, but here it notes the time or G'am mxlo eflate rather in which theta rfons lived ; they were in an o ruin. Naga: - Pe Y P" ¡bi vel tuna, prefled eflate or condition, when theycryed, yet faith the Text, 4?dverbia loci None giveth arfwer ; that is, they have no help when they cry ; po adverbiis they cry to-men, yea they cry toGod for help, but have none, tOtmornrpafa help is far from them. God doth not anfwer them immediately Mare: by himfelf, neither doth he fend them anfwer by the hand of any other. Now, what is the reafon of this? The Text gives it partly ( yet fomewhat obfcurely ) in this verfe, more fully and clea-ly in the verfe following. The reafon given here is theirpride, Be- caufeofthe prideofevilmen ; that is, becaufe themfelves are fo proud , they are at once poor and proud , humbled but not hum- ble ; they are opprefled and fubdued under the power of men, yet their pride remains unfubdued and in full power ; they are laid low in ef#ate,but they are not lowly in fpirit : proud men op= prefs them, and they, though oppreffed , are flili proud ; their hearts are not brought down, though they are come dowhwon.. derfully, as the Prophet fpake of the captivated (ewes, Lama. g. They are fallen before men in mifery, but they are not fallen be- fore God in humility; they cry of wrong, but themfelves are not right, and that's the reafonwhy they are not righted ; 7here they cry(but nonegiveth anfwer) becaufe of the prideofevil men. This alfo is a good fenfe, and may yeild us profitable intï:uCtion ; I leave the Reader to his choyce, both being fate and ufefull. 7here they cry ,&c. Note hence. Firfl, They that are opprcfed, and brought lose, mill be crying and complaining, Both God and Men thall hear of them : There they cry. An af- fliOed condition, is a complaining condition ; Natere being pinch't will fpeak. /(laid34, Chap. 7. it.) will not refraine my mouth, Iwillfpeak in the anguifh ofmy heart, I will complain in the bttternefr ofmy foal. Imourn in my complaint, faid David, (Tfal