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Chan. 35. an Expofrtion span the Bookof J o B. Verf. 12. (Pfal. 5 5. a.) The title of the road Pfafm runs thus ; Aprayer ofthe aff tired when he is overwhelmed,andpowreth out his complaint before God. Note ; Secondly , Some in their offii ans do nothing bat cry, nothing bat complain. Elihss loth not fay, There they repent, and there they hum- ble themfelves, and there they turn to God , but there they cry ;. that they are troubled is the all , the only thing that troubles them. 'Tis laidbefore, God more than the beaks of the Earth ; but many in a day of afflidtion, do no more than the Beafls of the Earth. ABeaff, when hurr,will cry, he will rage and roare ; and that's as much as many men do when they are hurt, though God bath taught them more , many leffons more,, which they fhould be pradtifing nnder forrowful difpenfations. The Ox lowetb, and is taught no more, when he wants fodder , the Afs brayeth, and is taught no more, when he wants grafie ;. but man is taught to ads repentance, and faith, and patience, and fubmiflion to the will of God in want. How fad is it when we hear nothing but flefh cry inman, or when nothing is cryed for by man but flefh, that is, the fupplyes of Nature, in the day of his diarefs. As 'cis laidof thole ( Hofea 7. i4. ) They have not eryed uuto.mewith their heart, when they howled upon their beds r they af femble themfelves for corn , and for sine, and they rebel a gainfi me. How miferable are they in their miferies, whole tongues cry ro God, but not their hearts, or their hearts being Glen; who cry for corne and wine, not fflr grace and repenrance, or not for grace to repent ; who cry much becaufe they Curter e- vil, but not at all becaufe they have done evil, yea who are doing evil at the very time when they are crying out becaufe of the e vils which they Cutter :Such was the wretched frame of thole in the Prophet ; They affembled themfelves for corne and for wine,, and rebelledagainfl God. 'Tis bad enough, when there is crying, and nothing hut crying, this is to cry but as beaÇls cry ; but to cry and rebel againfl God,is ro be worfe than beaffs,for beafts do nor rebel againfl God when they are pinched with want, and cry. it is fad to be in afl'li&ions ; tobeput to cry in affliEtions is more fad ; only to cry for the afi&ion is yet more fad , whennothing Comes 87