Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v12

THE TABLE. ;peas, why caled Matutinus, or a morning man. 77 Aflhiótion, like cold and frofl, to fear refpelhs, 232. Nounloofng our(elves from afflui%on, till God, doth it. 244, 245. Aflii6}ion ercreafeth knowledge. 794. God ufual/y re- veals hinafelf much to us after great iflii6tlons orfufcerings, 827. In al- fli6}ion friends areapt to forfake us. 959. Three things may comfort us inaffli6tion.986, In affl'liion,grace, is not only tryed, but encreafed. 995 Ah, ha, or Ha, ha, what it imports in the ea er. 60 Almes ,likefeedfoam. 459379 Anchorers, fee Hermires. Angels, how called Stars. 8r. and morningflars, 8 2. Angels, haw and why called Jon: of God.83,84. 'Three things confiderable in the Angels. 84. Angels sire of one mind. 86 Anfwering, how taken in Scripture. 8. Two kinds of anfwering. 507. An- fwering in Logick three wayes. 508. Anfwering in Law, bow. 5o8. Where God is opponent, noman can anfwer. 520 Antelunares, why fo called. 44 Apo(iacy of Angels. 88 Appetite, flrong inyoung ones, 285 Arabia,\ why focalled. Archimedes, his boafl. Arcturus, what. Ariuotle, why he call himfelf into the Sea. 1 51 Arm notesflrength. 14o, 547. Arm of God, what, 547. Arm of God, fpoken of in Scripture for a fourfold fife. 5 -8 333 5t 249 Arms or weapons,of twoforts. 761 Arnoldus Bootius, his opinion about the beafl commonly called the Unicorn. 348, 349 Arrows, why called children of the bow. 763 AP, wild Afs, how ¡aid to belet free, andholedfrombands. 3 Z6, 3 27 Affurance of What we would have, breedsgreat joy, Athanaflus his Prophetical anfwer 459 thofewho jeered him with thecroak- ing of aRaven over his bead. 296 B Birrennefs of any Land, whence. 33 5 Barren places bave their fife. 335 Beals, [oust hafts have kindof lingne¡r to ferve man, 3 59Thatany of the hearts will not ferve man, is to be afcribed to thefan ofman, as the procuring caufe. 36o, 36r. Thofe beaus which will notferne man,have yet their fife , (hewed in three things. 362. Labour of beaus very profita- ble to man, 377. Among beaus, force wifer than others ; what their on :felons is. 414, 415. A fhame for man to be excelled in any good, by beaus. 631 Beauty, what. 570. Two forts of beau- ty. 1003. Beauty a gift of God_ 1009. Three confiderations ¡bould keep them humble, who are moll beautiful. 1009. Inward beauty moll durable, 1 o r o Beginning, taken two ways. 623 Behemoth, defcribedfixwayes, 6o6, 607.