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y4; Chap. 38, aH Expojuan etpon the Book of J o sVerf. ro, as the cradle wherein it is laid. The banks and (irores are those bars anddoors with which the infant is kept in his cradle. What can be fpoken snore fignifican '.y than thefe fimilitudes , toex- prefs the greatnefs of God , who keeps in the lea by his power, and leads it forth gently into feveral creeki and bofoms, for the fafety of Naviga; i n , and repreflèth its fury andviolence by the lands and Chores ? Thus faith the Lord , I brake up for it my de- creed place, a hollow place, for the holding of the lea. 112'L't°tl Some trat`flate , And eflabliTied my decree upon rt; for the Etf e z, wordplace, is not expreflèd in the Text, there it is onlyand brake up my decree ; but it is more clear to the general fenfe of in- fiat the Texr, and to the particular fenfe of the Hebrew word, to in- q.d. de t$o tie_ rerpret is , of breaking up a decreed place for the fea than of iretummetan e(tablifhing a decree for the fea; which is a confequent of the TICS I, hum ei formçr r and therefore I underf+and it only of a fitting room f for the fea, here called a decreedplace, or a place determined, mere. ii"`t` a place not only found out as convenient, but determined and ocabu(um ter- let.; I brake up for it mydecreedplace , or my flattered place, a r.t rel£ehicfup- place that I appointed by an ordinance of heaven , that place did pleri, rum ip- I break up for it ; that is , I made a vefhel or channel like a cra- ft hi('lori ve- die, bigenough , and broad enough and deep enough , to hold ritmr,tump,o- the vet waters of the fea. Ibrakeupfor it mydecreed placee. griafgnifiatio aerbi '1DV Note, Firil ; evincit : Ira- qre alti non The Lord whomade the lea, made al fo aplacefor it. es.,z corn cerbo h'z o-derin } i((0 ton- druunt and placing of all things is of Godas well as the in making of them; God bath provided a place for every thing , and . eir,ea deficit pur every thing in itsplace. God is the God of Order. And how '_ pfitio 2 comely and orderly are all things, while they are kept in, and all I i perlons while they keep in the place which God bath decreed for pr1 Pifc, them and ut them in! TheEleenes do not onderare are notbur- cumdtf,egtpro r' P p ea (fi;. rerram) den,ome in their place. The fea troubles us not while it keeps or decrerorreo,i.e, breaks nor out from that decreed place', which God atfirft brake Alveosvehtt up for ir. There is not the leaf+worm; but hath a decreed place. eunu emaravi And as God hash appointed men their time ( there is a decreed círatmm:t- s:iuá. run time for their birth, and for their continuance in life,theyd ie alfa, and go out of the world in a decreed time) fo there is a decreed place for every man and that-two-fold : Firf+, Lf his habitation, in what parc of the world he (hall lite (4als 17 z6.) Secondly,