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a 2$ Chap. 38. n Expjition upon the Book of o B. Verf. 12. theGentiles, and the gloryof Ifrael (Luke 2.3z.) And he comes, fle people which fat in darknefs fee a greatlight, and to then; which fat in the valley of the fhadow ofdeath, - lrpht (prings up (Match. 4. i6.) Ard that a two-fold light; Firfl , Light COO: Paved by. Secondly, Light to ferve God, or to do the work of God by Thirdly , How comfortable is the light ! 'Ti.s (o comfortable, that light and comfort areoften put for the fame thing. God is the Lord(aith David Pfalr i 18. 27.) which dath.rheivcd us light; that is , the light of counfel what to do, and the light of com- fort in what we do , or after all our fufferings. Light isnot only a candle held to us, to do our work by, but it comforts and cheareth us in our work ( Eccl. 11.7. ) Light is finest, anda pleafant thing it is for theeyes to behold the Sun. Hence that of .David (Pfal. 65. S.) 7hots makeft the out-goings of the evening andmorning to rejoyce ; that is, thoumakefl men to rejoyce, they areglad, they rejoyce in, or at the out-goings of the morning. Man takes comfort at the fir(} appearance of the light ; light re- frellieth him at its out-goings in themorning. And at the even- ingmen rejoyce too, for then they go to their red , being wea- ez ntexits tiedwith the labour of the day. Or we may thus expound that maturini F3' Pfalm Thoumakefl the out goings of the morning and the even vefperiinifumi . prohóminibvn mg to rejoyce ; That is, thou make(i men who live at the out-go groihabitant ings of the morning, and at the out-goings of the evening to re- `ubi exit is Boyce. M ifit had been faid, thou makeí} the Eaflern people and emx, i, c, the Weirern people , all people from Eafl to Weft rejoyce. And Orientalibsis that which makes all people to rejoyce, naturally, is the rilingof Oecidentali- light with them in theEafi,and the comingof light towards them 61n in the Weft. Thus we fee what anexcellent creature light is, both ask huh a continually renewed riling in the morning of everyday, and as it had its firfl being in the morning of the world , and both from the command ofGod. Whence take thefe inferences. Firll , When we behold the morning coming forth by the command of God ;, Let us confider whoGod is, and what the beauty, and purity, themajefly, and excellency of God are,' who is clothed with light, and dwelleth in light, yea, who is tight, artd iii whcan there is no darknefs at all. There is not any onecreature, whichGod doth fo formally predicate of himfelf, ;m