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Chap: 38. Expolfftionupon the Book of Jon. Vert, 14. z !7 at this day, in chofe places among the Indian: , where the Göfpel bath lately come , marvelous changes are wrought upon them ; they have another (lamp upon their tongues, another kind of lan- guage another (}amp both upon hand and foot , another kind of wo;ktng and walking than before. As the light of the Gofpel difcoversevil perfons to themfelves (a natural man knows not of what Ilhape he is , till he fees himfelf in that light) fo it makes them good, and puts a new (lamp , a new figure upón them ; it makes them indeed new creatures, new men ; they are turned (through the mighty power of the Spirit accompanying that light) as clay to the feal. Such (that is, as bad as could be) were forne of you (faith the Apoflle, t. Cor. 6. t t.) but ye arewa(hcd, &c. that is, ye arenow other manner of men than once ye were. le is turned as clay to the foal And they fla od asagarment, They flans; Who Rand as a garment ? The things of the earth , they fiand to look on as a garment.. All things prefent themfelves before us ilia goodly hue, when the Sun rifeth; then they appear intheir beauty , the whole body of the earth is then clothed to the eye of every-beholder. As light it felf is like a Hoc hemil#i golden robe , which the earth puts off every night, and puts on chum inïpof , againevery morning; fo light thews us all thofe goodly things, natter accV4. which are the earths robes, or with which the earth is clothed, Sfilent fe ort. as with a arment. The earth is, not ones as a thing without nor rot tan-. b y gGaJfit (KmVC! form , butas a naked thing , as a body without clothing to appea- ihme.nto ,' ranee , till the light appears ; bait as foon as the light appears, ornati ma orra-, then whatfoever may be called the earthsclothing, and apparel, pia iucasbcro` appears alto. ficioapparent, Ifany would knowmori diaindlly, what the clothing, apparel, HOC' or garment of the earth is ? I anfwer, Fit-(I , Thar may becalled theearths garment , which grows out of it ; the grafs,' corn, herbs, flowers, trees, all there vege- tables are as a garment upon the earth. Secondly, Not onlyvegetables ,.but animals, the beafis of the earth, are asa garment to the earth (Pfal. 6y, ig.) The pa- flares areclotióed withflocks , the valleysalfoarecovered with corn, Corn is to the'vallcys, : what flocks areto the paltures their clo thing; T Thirdly)