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(ja 4nExpofztion capon theBookofJ o ES, Verf. 15, 13 9 ;erect them, are with- holden from their light, or their light is with-holden from them. But it may be enquired , What is this light called their light, which is with- holden from them ? I anfwer , Fir{}, The light of their profperity and peace , the light of the good things of this wo:ld. Secondly , The light of the Sun, even that fhall be with-holden Deus lucent fromthem,they (hail be (hut up in clofe and dark prifonsand dun- im- geons ; they (hail not have the light of the Sun, who have abufed pits, í. e. vize that light or have done fuch things in the dark as the Sunwould i os orbat ; a a , Frangitque even blurb to look on, rum fuparbiarra Thirdly , The light of their life , or their life fhall be with- &tyrannidem holden from them ; that is , they (hall be put to death for their Codut wiek'ednefs. thithefe may be called their light, becaufe they fometime enjore.Tthem ; and their light in all or any of there notions , is Paid to be with-holden from them, not as if they had a right tohold it loner, but becaufetheywould fain have held it longer, if they might. Thus, from the wicked their light is with-holden; as if it had been raid, they are totally and finally deprived of all their good. Now, whereas light in the fenfe opened , is called their light that is, the light of the wicked ; Noce ; Even the wickedhavea title to light, or togood things. God gives light or good things to the evil as well as to the good ( Mat. 5.45 ) He mallethhis San to rife on the evil and on the good ; even they who are evil and are daily doing evil , enjoy the light of the Sun, and the light of all outward good things', thorow the patience and goodnefs of God. Much more may the godlywhen they fee the light or good of thisworld , look upon it as theirs, as a part of their inheritance here below. As hereafter all the godly (hall have an inheritance among the Saints in lighr,fo many of them have an inheritance of light here , the Sun is a piece of their portion. God havingadopted them tobe his chiles dren, the Sunis a debtor to them , and they may reckon it among their good things,though'not as their good; God having provided_ better things for them than the light of this rr`orld, or of anygood T a thing