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Chap. 38. An Expolitionupon theBos `of J o a. Verf. I7. 151, There is a dutiful fearch into the Works of God. David foeaks of it (Pfal. r r t.2.) l he works of the Lord aregreat, fought out of all theft that have picafureen them. They are fought out; that is, -they who have pleafure in them , doand will endeavour foberly to fearch them out , as much as may be ; but let all take heedof fearching them wantonly or p-efumptuoully , that is,ei- ther to fatisfie their curiofiry', or with an opinion that they can reach the depthof them. The Lord would have us fatisfie our felves in the ignorance,or rather nefcience of rhofe natural things which he hath not made kno,vn to us. Surely thee. (which is, as bath beenfaid,rhe fcopeof this Chapter) we lbould be fatisfied, thoughwe in force cafes know nor, nor can perceive the reafon of Gods providential dealings , either towardsparticular perfons and families , or hisChurch in general. Will any wife or fober man vex and direluiet himfelf , will he be angry and pettifh , be- caufe he knows not all the fecrcts of the ear, h and fea ? (as fouìe fay firffotle the Philofopher was to death and drowning , be- cauie he could not find our the reafon why the fea in one place ebbed and floc ed (even times in one day) Why then fhould we be inpatient, becaufe the reafon of Gods proceedings with the fons of men , or of the ({range ebbings and fiowings of things in the fea of this world , is fecrered and hidden from us. And therefore whenwe a, e not able t® enter into the fprings of this fea , nor towalk in the fearch of thisdepth , let ifnot trouble us,. but hun-ble us, as it did yob , to whom the Lord put therequelli- ons, and proceeded to put more and more hard queflions , if harder can be, in the next words. Verf. 17, Have the gates of death been opened (or revealed) unto thee ? Or haft thonfien the doors of the fbadow of dyath ? Here isanother firange queftion. Whoamong the living hash had the gates of death opened to him ? O: hash viewed the doorsof the fhadow ofdeath ? We read often in Scripture of the gates ofdeath (Pfal. 9. 13. NumMu:pro, Pfal. 107. t8.) and which is all one , of the gates of the grave, funda,qud ve4 (f I fa 8.10. but who knows what there gates are ? yet we may d'x`rim mortis 3 ) r Y regian<, cC7c. fay fomeihing towards the clearing of this queflion. A gate in timatuses. lln8ì fenfe, is that by which we are admitted into any place : Bez, and fo, the gatesof death are, That r