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;}' Chàp An ExpoRion upon the Book¿,of 3o B. Vert. of, death is,hath been (hewed (chap. 3. 5..) as also (chap. lo,, as.) thither I refer the Reader.. Haft thou feen the doors of the fhadow of death ? Surely thou haul not ? Thou neither defirefi, nor. dared v:fit the doors Ieading to thole dilmal shadows, which no light can pierce, or where (as yob fpake, chap. Io, 2t .) The light is as darknefs, The (cope of both the queries in this verse is the fame alto with thofe in the former, even to re- pulfe fobs curiolity in f arching into the fecrets of God , or to convince him that God had fecrets which were no moreopened to him than the gates of death., and which he could fee no more than the doors of the fhadow of death. Raft thoufern the doors of thefhadow ofdeath ? Taking death iu a proper fence,, Note , Fi: fl ; Bally death bath gates and doors, paffages and entrances into, it. Deadly fcknefl'esand extream dangers are(as was !hewed ino- pening the words)thofe gates and doors. Many have been brought to thole gates , and have been fleppini into thofe lhadows, who yet have,been recalled and brought back again,as `,David and Hszekiab were , and as the Apoflle Pan! was, who had the fen.- fence of death inhimlelf,yet was delivered ,. trufting in him who raileth the dead (z Cor, 1.9, to, ) And therefore in all fuch cafes , whenever we are brought to the gates of death, and to thedoors of the (hadowof death , let us have recourfe to the living God ; to t hat God, towhom belong the Tuts from death (PfaI. b 8. ao.) He that is our ggod, is the God of falvation , ofeternal falvation , and of temporal falvation, of falvation from death by fieknefs ,. and of falvation from death by danger and trouble our God is the God of falvation , to him belong the 'Ales from death. , As Godopeneth the gates of death to let man in , fohe canopen the gates of death to let man our As there is agate to ;o in untc,fo thereisagare togo out from,or an outgate from death. As the ways to,fo the iffues from death belong to God. David; heart was full of this, when having Paid (Pfal., 141'. 7.) Oar bones are fcattcred at the graves mouth , aR- when one autteth and cleaved; woodupon the earth; that is, we are ready to be cut inpieces and .:e!ifh by our enemies (having (I fay) laid this,,, he prefcndy adds , val. 8, 9.) Bat mine eye, are t4ntp: