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Chap. 3y 8. An .ExpAfrtson urn the Bo;k of j o a. Verf. 1 S. mediate queflion only., or generally to all the quefiions before; yet í con.ese they are rather to be renrained to the lafiTeti- on concerning the breadth of the earth , bcaufe they run in the angular number , .Declare í f thou knoweft it all , that is , if thou keowefi all of, the earth. There were many pats of the earth , which fob knewnot at all ; therefore he could not know it all. We at this dayafter all the improvementswhich have been made by Navigation (little inule in fobs days) for the difcove,y of the earth , are yet forced to write upon fome places (as we may fee in our belt Maps of the World) Yerra incognita , this part of the earth is unknown. If we,ncwdo not , furelyYob then did not knowit all. Further, When the Lord faith , Declareif thouknoweftitall, his meaning is nor If thou haft any knowledgeat all about it all ; for there is nowile, nounderftandingman, but hach fame mea- fu.e or degree of knowledge as about the depth of the Sea, fo about the breadth and meafures of the Earth: but the meaning of chefe words, Declare , if thou knoweft it all, is, if thou knoweft the all of it , if thou knower it throughly : For , as there words have reference to the obje& to be known, fo to the manner of knowing.. There are many r.4 at know fomething and Come that know many things ; yet none that know all things , no nor the allof any one thing. The Aponte fpeaking of fpiri- tuai thing, faith, Weknow inpart ; and the truth is, vve know but a part of natural things of the lea ,, of the earth,. and we know them but inpart. So then, when the Lord faith , If thou knaweft it all , his meaning may be this , if thou haft adiflina and de montirative knowledge of the thing, Declare it. I know thou mayeR give conje&ures, and propofe probabilities; but I know all©, that thou neither knoweft it all , nor the all of ir. God bath given us a certain knowledge about things that refer to e- ternity, and to falvadon, to them wemuftflick and abide by them ; butas to thefe things, all that we know, is but little , and about that little we labour under many uncertainties. Declare:if thou knoweft it all. Hence Oblerve Fira Giad. iswil lingthatman fhouldpaake the left of himfelf. God' r9