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Chap. 38, e/1n Expofationupon the BookofJ o s, Verf. E. 9 , 2 5. Matth. t7. q.. The reafon of this Hebraifine, is because fuch as begin to fpeak, do either anfwer the neceTity of the matter , or the define of the hearers ; and fo they give a real and vermal , though not a format Anfwer. Yet there are two confi- derations, in which we may apply the word Anfwer,formallyand firi&ly taken, to fob. Firt+, If we confider Pod's wifhes and requefls. Secondly , if we confider Job's complaints , and (though the word be fomewhat hard) his murmurings : The Lord may be Paid to anfwer Job , as to his with, define, or requetf ; becaufe Job had earneftly defired and requefted more than once , that God would take his Caufe in hand , or that he would have the hearing of it. Thus he fpake at the third verfe of the three and twentieth Chapter : 0 that I knew where Imight f idhim , that I might come even to his Seat : I wouldorder my Caufe before him, and fill my mouth with arguments. Zophar allo, one of Jobs friends , made the fame requetf concerning Job (Chap. r E. 2.) 0 that God would fpeak, and open his lips againfi thee : As if he had faid , Eliphaz hath been fpeakìng , and Bildad hath been fpeaking , and I am now about to fpeak, but O that God would fpeak. It was the with of fob that God would fpeak , and it was the wifh of this his friend, andnow behold Godappears , poflìbly beyond their expeóation, though not betide their with; for'ris like they had not faith enough to beleeve that God would anfwer thofe wifhes. So then,God may be Paid here to anfwer, becaufe (as it was prayed) he now took the matter into his own hand , and in pertón (as I may fay) argued the Cafe with Job, and finally determined his Caufe. Hence Note ; The wiflies, requefls , and prayers of goad menhave fometimes beenheard , though they were over-bold in making them , or had no clear ground to make them. fob hadno rule for fuch a Petition , that he might prefently havea trial at the Tribunal of God ; yet God was fo gracious as to anfwer him in it , not only to his reproof, but to his com- fort. The Name of God is , 0 thou that hearefl prayer , (Pfal. 65.2.) If carnal men have their extravagantprayers and willi- es granted,'tis in wrath;but if the Lord grant the paflionate pray- ers