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a Chap. 38. e/jrs Expofrtión upon the Boo]Z, o f J o >s. Verf. 2. Vert. a. gib is this that dar/çeneth counfel by words without knowledge ? This Verle and the next are a Preface to what Godhad further to fay unto his affliaed fervant Job. The former verte was the. HilloriansPreface, there two are the Lords. who is this that darke.nethcounfe lby words without kkr.ow ledge:? We have here, Firfl, A check lighting fomewhere, who is this? Secondly, Wehave the matter for which this perronis checkt, and that is for darkening carnfel. Thirdly, We have that by which he is charged to have dark- ned counfel, and that is, By words without knowledge; and his ignorance or want of knowledge is implied,asdifcovered in fpeak- ing,or rather complaining fo much concerning his own fufferings, and the feverity of Gods dealings with him, whereby he hadat once call a cloud upon the Juflice, and reflected upon the good- nefsand mercy ofGod. who is this ? The words may be taken, Fill, as a bare enquiry after the man, Who is tins? what man is this ? as Saul fpake ofDavid after the victory which he had got over Goliah, oPhofe fon is this youth ? (1 Sara. 17.5v.) but that I conceive is too flat and Iran a fence in this place, as if the Lord did onlymake enquiry af- ter the man. Therefore, Secondly, There words, who ù this? carry in them a rebuke, who is it that bath done this ? As if God pointing at fob, had Paid, is it you ? I could not have believed that my fervant fob would have fo much forgotten himfelf, or have been fobold with me, as to refl.:a upon my jut}, though revereproceedings, by his weak realonings, which faith only can make him underhand aright. Such Qeflions in Scripture often carry a rebuke in them, yea, Thirdly, more than a rebúke, they carry a flight orcontempt of the perfonabout whom the queflion is put. As when men pre - fume (as fore blafphemoutly have done) to fay, who is the Lord ?