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Chap. 38. eAfn Expofition upon the Book,of J o n. V erf 2. Fifthly, Confider, How did fob darken the Ccunfel of God ? It was by words without knowledge. Hence Note ; The ignorant arevery apt to fpeaó, arai fs of tie things andConn. fels of God. If lob, who had fogreat a meafure of knowledge , darkened the Counfel of God by words without knowledge ; what will they do that have upon thematter no knowledge at all ? The A- pof}le (peaks of fuch as more than darkening, even as wrefiing the Counfel of God (zPet. 3. r C.) In `Pawls Epifiles ( faith he ) are fume things hard to beunderflood, which they that areunlearn- ed and unflable wrefi, at they do alfo theother Scriptures,unto their own defirul-lion. Some things in the Word are hard to be known, and they are made harder by fuch unlearned ones , as utter their own notions of them,by words without knowledge. 'ris very true, that many learned men havewrefled and perverted the Word of God , and Come of them have employed their learning on pur- pole to wren and pervert it ; but they that have not a compe- tent degree of learning and knowledge , what can they do elfe but wrefl and darken the Word of God ? I intendnothumane learning meerly , in Arts and Sciences , though there be great ufe of theme; but I mean efpccially Holy and Divine Learning. They that are not taught of God , nor have the light of God in them, cannot but darken the things and Counfels of God, how much humane learning foever they have. The Prophet farads us of Chrifc (peaking thus of himfelf , as the great Prophet, (Ifa. so. 4.) The Lord hatbgivenme thetongue of the learned, that (hould knewhow tofpeaka word in feafon tohim that is weary ; that is, to thofe who are wearied ( not with bodily labours and tra- vels, but) with foul- labours and travels, about the pardon of their fins, and the favour of God to their fouls. He that fpeaks a word effeaually for the refrefhing of fuch weary ones, muff open the Counfels of God to them'; and he that doth fo, mud have the tongue of the learned , that is, a tongue taught of God how to (peak, ellehe will never be able todo it knowingly, butthrough the darknefs of his own mind will darken the Counfel of God concerning thofe dark fouls , and fo rather weary them more, than relieve them out of their wearinefs. That thefoul bewith- out