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34 Lnap. 3 8. trill ?upon the Book of J o B. Verf. 3. purpose of every man that fpeaks ; he weighs not only our ac`ti- ons, but words he knows not only what we fay , but why, and with what aimes we lay it : and therefore he never urgeth any mans fin beyond it felt. fob had darkned the Counfel of God onlyby words without knowledge, therefore God would not charge him to havedarkned his Counfel , knowingly, 'or against the light of knowledge. Yea,notwithftanding this faulr,rhe Lord having _ reproved him for it proceeds presently (as fome interpret the next verse) to comfort and encourage him. Verf. 3. Gird upnow thy loins like a man. As if the Lord had Paid ; thou halt fpoken thus and thus ofmy Counfels, now give me an account of what thou bath fpoken; Crndus tumbo. gird up thy lotus like a man. To call a man togird up his loins, . uno Stirpro is to bid him be in a readinefs, or to prepare himfeif for any 7e1(da:" Coc. work. The Hrength of a man is in his loins , and they who are t becilli dr- weak, are laid to be loin-Iefe.. Togirdup the loins, is a prover- cuntur Latino bial fpeech , and may be ufed to a man who weareth the lhortef# 71ümbes. garments, yea to him who is naked. Hence. the Lord bid job to gird up his loins , who poffiblywas foweak, that he could not Hand upon his leas; or poflïbly had no tong garmentsat all. There is a girding the loins withTack-cloth , that is, with forrow, im- plying the work of repentance and mortification (¡ja,. 22.12. In that day did the LordGed of Halls call to weeptng,and tomourn- ing , and to baldnefs , and to girding with fackclotb,. The two Witneffes of Chrift are Paid to prophefie tìs fackfloth one thaufand two hundred and fixty dayes ( Rev. ì a. 3. ) to note that they were in a fad or forrowful condition all the dayes of their Pro- phefie Thus fobs loins had been girt a long time. But, A.- gain,There is agirding of theloins with joy:Thou haft putofffrom memy fackcloth,andgirded mewithgletdnefs (P1;43'0.1 1.) Allo,. There is a girding of the loins with flrengrh (Pfal.i7.39.) Fur - ther,We may take notice of a fourfold ufe in Scripture,of girding up the loins. CinSutum am- Firth-, There is a girding up the loins for travel ,. or whena 4ulatasri., man is to take a journey. Thus EIifha faid to Gehani (2Kings, 4. 29.) girdup thy loins, and take thy tby hand , andgo . thy way,d-c. It wasa fafhion in thofe Eastern Countreys where they wore their garments long and ordinarily look, to gird them up in travel,. Secondly,