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Chap. 38. din Expofition upon the Root\of JOB. Vert. 4 4t 3 0 B. Chap. 38. Verf. 4, 5, 6. 4. where waft thou, when I laid the foundations of _ the Earth ? declare if thou haft underfJanding. 5. Whobath laid the weafures thereof, if thou knovo- cft, or whobath ftretched the line upon it ? 6. Whereupon are the foundations thereoffet , or Who laid the corner tone thereof? IN the former Verfe, God told 3-,b what himfelf would do, cr in what method he would proceed with him ; I will de- mand of thee ( faith the Lord) or I will put the Qeflion to thee : In this verfe the Lord begins tomake his Demands, co put Qteflions to fob, and calls for his Anfwer ; thefe Demands or Queftions contain the confutation of lobs former complaining fpeeches againft , or, at leaf+, about the dealingsof God. The firft Queflionwe have in this fourth verfe ; Wherewaft thou, whenPaid thefoundations of the Earth ? For the clearing of this wholedifcourfe, in which the Lord puts ueflions or Demands to job, I (hall firtl confider thegeneral fcope of them all , and then the fpecial matter contained and couched in the prefent context. The fcope whichGod feems to have in preflìng Yob with thefe Demands or Qieftions, may be threefold. Firft , That by arguments from the lets to the greater, he might thew job , that hewas not able to comprehend the reafon of his myfierious providential workings towards the children of men, feeing he could not give a reafon of his fenfible and natu- ral works. Secondly, That job being put to confers his ignorance about worldly or natural things, he might be brought to have low thoughts of himfelf, and (as he did indeed at laR in Chapter 42.) to abhor himfelf, repenting in duff and a(hes : Therefore, as Eeatru job! one of the Ancients faith upon this place ; After God had a great Polfinterroga. while,asit were ,debated with him,and queftioned +aim by hisrod, tionert verbe- rir diiputitur he nowdebated with him by word , putting Qteftions to him, inrerrcgatinne G Thirdly,ferrnons.Greg.