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Chap. 38. an Expofation upon the Book of J o s. Verf.4. 43 ledge ? thy light is but darknefs, and thy knowledge ignorance, compared with mine ; therefore prefume not. Thirdly, The Lord convinceth yob by his helplefneCs to him, both in the Works of Creation and Providence ; thereby letting forth his own Dmnipotency, together with yobs impotency ; which was fuck as contributed nothingeither to the Creation, or to theGovernment of the World. where waft thou, when I laid the foundations of the Earth, and did all thefe things ? Didf{ thou come to give me either counfel how todo them , or lend me thy hand in the doingof them ? Surely no ; I did them a- lone , thou waft not inbeing , thou art not from the beginning. Thy knowledge is very (mall , and thy power and firength fmal- ler, as to the bringing about of any of thefe things ; therefore fee thy vanity , in (peaking thus complainingly , about my deal- ings with thee. From and upon all thefe cort(iderations, the Lord would have Job fit down and acknowledge , that it muff needs be extreann ra(hnefs in him to find fault with any of his Diïpenfations, or plead with him about them : The general argument may be fram'd thus ; Ile ie blame-worthy, thatfinds fault with or complains about any thing in the Government of God , or will adventure to difpate, and debate with him about it ; unlefs he have fomewhat like the Eterni- ty, themifdom, theMight andPower of god. But Job thou haft nothing like the Eternityof God , for thouart but of the other day ; thouhaft nothing like the Omni,fcience of god, for thou art ignorant of what God bath done , anddeli tote ofcoun- fel what to do thy felf : ,Thou haft nothing like the Power of God , the Arm ofGod , thou art weak, thou canft not make the leoifi worm , the leapt fly ; furely, then thou canft do nothing towards the malting of a world : Therefore thou art blameworthy, for finding fault with , and complaining about what God bath done. The fir(} Propofition is fully implied , throughout the dif- courfe. The Affumption is expreff in many (harp and cutting queries,from the 4th ver, of this Chapter,Wherewaft thou,&c. to the 34thof the nexr.Theparts ofthis Aífumptionare many;where- of the firfi treats of Creation , from this fourth verfe to the 2zd; the fecond of Providence in general , chiefly in the Meteors ; from the 2zd. verfe to the end of this Charter ; the third , of G a fpeci-