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6z Chap. 38. an Expoftionupon theBoob, of,o meter of the earth is from cop to bottom ; but they differ much inopinion what the depth or diameter o; the earth is : Some have reckohed it three thoufand and fifty miles. O_hers'' have faid it containeth fix thou fand and fevenry miles. And a third fort have concluded that it is (even thoufand one hundred and f veritymiles. Thus they gneis , but could never yet come to know the true meafures of the earth in deepnefs. And if we confider the Perimiter or circumference of the earth , there bath been asmuch variety of conjeaure about that. Some of the lear- ned have reckoned the earth fifty thoufand miles in compafs, Others make it thirty and four thoufand fix hundred twenty five. A third con-putat ion gives it to be thirty one thoufand and five hundred miles. There are whohave brought it down-to twenty cwtó thoufand five hundred yea, to twenty thoufand and four hundred miles. And they who are judgedmoll exadi among the Moderns, have reduced the account of the compafs of the whole earth to-nineteen thoufand and fcurfcore miles. Thus the lear- ned and wife men of the world, after their greateft fiudies, knownot what the m,a lures , the ju(i meafures of the earth are; nor how theywere laid r And therefore God might well fay to 7ob, who path laid the meafures thereof, ifthouknowefl ? Who ever could fay to thisday without 'miflake, what themeafures of t , it are ? That is one thing. Afecond followeth Susnirur prafi Or whohack flretched the lineupon it p lo,quod Latomi utrirquea x- As it he had faid , Who bath made the earth to ex,,+6-il a To umextenduntin do atin.n inprint and to do it dy line, are proverbials of the fame longitri : udinetn p nun fianificagOn. turíli.nea, vet The line isan inflrunient of great rife in building. Carpen- guiaex linofu, ters and Malons muff have their line and plummet , elle they q gu cannot keeptheir work-even. Now faith the Lord to job, Who tit, guæeti bath flretched the lineupon it ? The Lord (fill put fues the Ouf- lineadicirur, on to abuilding. Bold. ro flretch forth the line , lignifies inScripture .Art/ties, ne Firfl, The exercifeof power. And then, Who bath flretched quid indecenter the line upon it , is , Whohack ordered and governed the earth ? fiat, autfine ó proportionere- The Ap file Paul fpake of the line and of ftretching forth the . gulam adhibent line in this fenfe (2 Cor, to. 8.) where having laid, that he had adomnia diri- power from God , a fpiricual power , nor for deffruEìtion, but for genda.. othfi-