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Chap. aga an Expofation tapon the BookofJ o E. Vert. 7. Now in alrufion to the praaice both of men in common , and of the people of God in fpecial , at the railing of great lfru- clures the Lord tells ushere, that when he laid trie foundations of the earth , and when he faflened the cocner -!lone thereof , there was a Triumph made : Then the morning ftars fang togs- then , and all the fons of God fhoated for joy. i hus ive have the Rate of this verte , either taking it for another inflance of the power of God in creating the Stars and the Angels ; or elfe-fub- p joyning it as an acclamation to the former inflance of the power of God ; the Stars and Angels rejoycing at the laying of the foundations of theearth. And the general reafon why the Lord bangs in,the Rars and the Fons of God rejoycing at the laying, the foundations of the earth , and finishing that work , we.may conceive tobe this ; that the Lord would thereby convince Job of his murmuring and complaining , or of the unquietlefs of his fpirit under the works of his providence. M if he had laid, The fiais and all the Tons of God rejoyced at the foundingof the Moneeem7obbsu Earth , extolling the work, and congratulating the appearances of t ezcer rdei o. my power and glory an it. Now , who art thou , that when Ihave eery mirerut put f rthmy power and wifdom in this workof my providence to- loudet, non wards thee, thou fhouldfl complain , and find fault with what! have fugillet, ¿cuit. done, inflead of and rejoycing in it! Surely , O Job,thou thinkeff my worksof providence are amperfeEl , though myworkof Creation was not ; but confider, was the Creation in the very ¡ rfl partof it filch , as caufcd all the fons of God to rejoyce , and wilt thou, whofayefl thouart a fonof God , fit unfatisfaed with any of my work; ? Thus the Lord handles fob , and from that teflimo- ny which the liars and his fons gave of the Works of Creati- on , reproves him for his unquietnefs under his Works of Pro- vidence. So much for the general Rate of the words : Yet to clear them farther ingeneral , before I come to the particulars , there are three veins of interpretation opened about them. Firfl , Some interpret this whole verte concerning the flars or the heavenly bodies, not only taking the ñrfl part of the verte literally for the Rats in heaven ; but by the fons of God in the latter part of the verte , they underfland the liars ina figure ; as I tliall Phew more fully , when I come to the opening of thofe words. Thus they expound the whole verte concerning