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An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Verf. r,f which is, The free ofGod, for faith he, I havefeen Godface to face, andmy life ispreferv'd; as noting, that it was a wondertnl privi- ledge not to dye at fuch a fight ; the very appearance of God, is death to the Creature. And that whichHagar fpake ,Gen.16.13.) may well be interpreted to this fenfe : when flying from her Mi. {iris, God came to her in the Wildernefs fhe called the name of theLord that fpake unto her Thou God feed me ; the reafon is ad- ded, by way of admiration,for the faid,Have 1 alfo here looked af- ter him thatfee:h me ? Which words may well be tranflated, Do I live after him (Jc. God)Jeeth me ; for here one a& of life is put 'E3 ha4rao ito for the whole, looking or Peeing, for living ; Have Ifeex, or have = di poi I beheld the light, after God bath feat me ; that is, Am I a ive video feu lué after God bath fees me. How wonderful ! hanc afpicio fs' Theeffeff of this vifion upon Eliphaz, was not death,but fear, vivo pafl vi- yet no ordinary fear, but fear which looked almoft as pale as 41entepi me,Pa- death ; it was fear joyned with trembling,and noordinary trem- eeut° bling, but Inch a fit of trembling as (hook his very bones, We have often fpoken of fear, both in this and in the former Chap- ter; but fuch a fear as met Elipbaz,we have not met with befcie, That before was the gra, a of fear,fpiritual fear,but this is the äJ1 hem ni na- afflon of fear, natural fear._.And it is natural to non (as fome of rura edn olo p í Angelo eriom the Ancients haveobferved) to rear thus at the appearance of Mo rimero. God by Angels, Fear it eaufed by ;the appreheofon ofJame evil im- Bcda, minent or at hand, that's the definition ofnatural fear. Nowwhen o "gen, E5 God manifefis himfelf, though the greateft good be at hand, yct Ghryfofiorae. the foul hath Tome mifgivingsand apprehenlionsofevil+and hence comes fear : the foundation of this fear is laid in guilt,fin is in the foul, and guilt may be upon the foul ; thence natural, fear works, when God,who is all holy,manifefts himfelf. And in fpecial, there is much unbelicfremaining in the heart,this fear is ftrengthned by 'unbelief, Wherefore do ye fear, faith Chrift Gye of littlefaith ? Where there is little faith,there is much fear; and as unbeliefpre- vails, fo fear prevailes too. Thirdly, this fear arifes from thefud- dennefs and unexpeL`fednefs of the thing.God,'as you may obferve in all tho e Revelations of himfelf) comes fuddenly : that which comes before we Cee it, caufeth fear when we fee it fudden mo- tiofris without us, work firauge commotions within. And fourth- ly, the over-powring Majefly and taper-excelling excellency of God in any fuch Revelation, caufeth affonithments of fpirit a little appearance of God,makes the creature difappear.One drop of