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Chap. 4.. An Expofitien upon the Book of J O B. Verf. J O B, Chap. q.. Verf. T4, 15, 16. Fear came upon me and trembling, which made all my bones to'bake, Then a Spirit pa,; ed before my face, the hair of my fielh floodup. It foodfrill, but couldnot difcerntheform thereof, an Imagewas before mine eyes, there was ftlence,and I heard a voice, faying, NE h already ive Lgial depende s V whole Context, g from en the th o r a Ve unto the ancn ed of fthe thi Chapter, and therein (hewed how Elipbaz confirms the princi- pal Propofition (lyingin the r7 Verle) by Divine Authority, a Vifion received from Heaven. A thing lfaith he) wasfecretÿ brought to me, and mine ear receiveda little thereof, in thoughts fromVifions of the Night, when deep fleep fal'eth on men. Thus the mannerof the Vifion is defcribed in general. The effeas of the Vifion upon Eliphaz, and the particular manner how the vi- fion appeared, are now further defcribed and let forth. This 14. verle contains one eminent cffee` of the vifion, with the confc- quents of it ; aifoon (faith he) as I was in that heavenly rap- ture and extafie, Fear came upon me, and trembling, which Made all my bones to Jhake. It was veryufual, for Prophets and Holy men, to be furprized with fear, at the appearance ofJehovah in his meffages,by Angels or other vijons. It is natural untoman to fear, at the fight ofan Angel: and it is a receivedopinion among the f eacs,that whether God or an Angel did appear, it was prefent death, which they coiled. from divers Scriptures (Ex. 33.2o) when Mofesdefired to fee the face of God,the Lord anlwercd, There it no man canfie my face and live. Thole words of Gideon import as much (f udg. 6. 23) When Gideon perceived that he was an Angel of the Lord, be fsid, Alas, 0 Lord God for becaufe Ihavefeen an Angel of the Lord, face toface ; as jibe had laid, alas, wo isme, I (hall certainly die And Judg.13. 2t. Manoab concludes it ,freJhalifurely dye becaufe Ire beve feen God, when an Angel appeared to them. Hence allo Jäcob (Gen. 32. 3©,) after his. wsaofling with the An- gel (which was Chrife) called the name of the place Peueel, N z which