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94 Chap. 4, A Expofition Upon the Book of J O B. VerC heart to fear, of my fle"íh to tremble. Habakkuk. in the 3 of his Prophet-1e, being before God in his prayer visions, delcrtbes the rapture of his fpirit, by this and other lynaptomcs upon his bu. by; When I beard, my belly trembled, my lips quivered at the voyce, rottenneJ: entrees into my bones, y. 16. The third effeeefollowes', Then a fpirit pafs'd befre my face, and the hair of me bead Jhood up. A Spirit rufb'd srpanme, fo the Seventy. Some tranflate it, A windpaffed befre me; a gale or breath of wind, as (, a Kings 19. i I.) when God appeared to Eli_ jab, it is laid, fiat there came a mighty wind, which rent the moon- tains, and brake the rocks, and forme conceive that wind paffed before Eliphaz ; but the context will not bear it; thole words which follow, are not cornpetible with a wind; v. 16. It floodbe- fore me, itJioodJtill, this cannot be undcrilood of the wind, for wind is alwayes in motion : and then it is Paid, I bad an Image before myface, now there is no form or Image of the wind; the wind bath no fhape or iikenefs, therefore it was a Spirit or An- gel, not an Aerial wind: And if you fay,how hath a Spirit a form or an Image, or how can that be teen?I anfwer,it was not a Spirt abflraaed and naked in it felt, but a Spirit joyned with a form and fluap,.,asis generally agreed : fo Angels or Spirits did ufually ap- pear to the Ancients, taking a body or Come form upon them t and chofe apparitions, when a body was affunred,were called fpi- rits, (Luk. 24.37) it is faid,that the Difciples wereafraid at the appearing of Chriti,thinking they hadfeen a Spirit : The Apofiles were not fo abfurd, as to believe, that a Spirit in it felt, a Spirit ahflraácd, could be feen ; but they call'd it a Spirit,becaufe they thought it only the reprefentation of Chrill body, and not the true body: and therefore though an outward fhape appcar'd, they call'd it a Spirit.So hear,A Spirit pafs'dbefore me,which yet might have force outward (bye, in which it was clothed to the eye. ion?n1ficat A Spirit p.ef'd before me] forward, backward, up and down, prórle msr.:m which,is oppofcd to the words in the 16 Verle, It JtooddÜll: here proaleuivum áw - qu:,tia eft on! it was tranuent or in motion. The word ufed for p.zging, fighihes molúm Cedric_ rather loch a motion as is of the Heavens, or of the Winds then turn lever: cs that which is properly progretlive or the motion of the living f.xur, P414 creatur s. Arid thence (omeobferve,that the motion of Spirits c<Y;aPámve! cloathed withbodies in their apparitions,is not like the motion cif fee!-ír . t CYO ' arbarhf men, who move, lifting up their feet one after another; but it is a pJing as a Chip moveth with a gale of wind, rather a gliding, then