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Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the Book of .1 O S. Verf: ip., 95 then a going : Among the Heathen, this was made the chief difference, to dtflinguifh a Niemen, or Spirit coming in any fhape, Numina venz- from a natural body. The fteddinefs of their eyes was one, pry, to thenor tranf ofng their fLet was another, and a clearer evi hcrrinerFg'eJjs p i; tranifirrnanr; deuce, Ex ocala antei This Spirit palling thusbefore him, "produces the third effect. narari pnffunre The hair of my headflood sop ] Shaking of the bones went be- corn continuo fore, and nowHanding up of the hair. ASpirit pafr'dbefore me, ob1aru, inn.ea,i and the hair of my head flood rep. The original is The hair of ter palpebr,rs nunquan: con- my flefh, or the hair of my body ; fletlt is put for the body, as in cludant.Et na_ Gen. 2. 24. They twofhall be one flEfh. That is, (as it were one ho- qis ex tneeffa, dy, [Peaking of man and wife ; and Pfál, 119.1.20. My flcfh trem- qui non Rx Meth f orfear o f thee, faith David, it is the lame word ; as if Eli- dimotione trap pc_ dum ne phaz had Paid, I am fo much affeded with thoughts of God,that po}`lridné c the very hair of my flefn(as in extraordinary fear it ufeth to do) Sed gua flood up. The natural reafon why the hair !;andsup in time of dam impatua. fear, is this ; when fuddain fear falleth upon us, the blood goes, eri,' , /nd a- or haflens rather to the heart, and fo the outward members wax tiúmmats cold; and the skin, in which the hair is rooted, isprell more to-, rsrquam eran- tether, which caufèth the hair to iland up, though of it felt it feunriam,.g),e_a- be a weak and unflable excrement. ®brem fla:u w So we fee thegener.i area of the vifion, which was fear, and g ° °q; Ucoru,tt thofe three concomitants or fymptoms of fear, The trembling lú g,ntes ¡knurl of his flefh, The (bakingof his bones, And the ilartding up of the iilàe pede.s hair of his flefh. From all, take thrfe Obfervations: goal uniecres Firfl, For asmuch as Elipbaz falleth into fucha tiit.of -fearand He!iodor Fin Æthiopicis, amazement, at thistrranifetlation of God to him, we learn, That ¡ Poderve- man is not able to bear the prefence of God. Weak and fraile man, jli, deflnaia ad falls before the greatnefs, power, and majefly of God Dufl acre{ im®r, Afhes crumbleth away, if the glory of the great God do bLyr ai aeffu thine.forth, even in thofe leffer manifeilations of himfeif. Hc9c:: V rg 11)".x. r it was, that Job feems to capitrtlate with God, that'huld Hied def7ane- fpeak with him, upon two Articles or conditions gran , Chap: re, a3. 21, 22. Firfl, Withdraw thy handfar from me:" Secondly, Let not thy dread snake me afraid: Then call thou, and Iwill an- fiver ; or let me f peak, and anfzver thou me. As if he had faid, fo dreadful is thy prefence, that unlefs thou be pleafed to fweeten it to mefear will prefently feize vpon me,and difableme to fpeik' Mofes who was a favorite of Heaven, and one who fhortly after had communion with God, above all that ever lived : yet when Jehovah