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9S Chap. 4. `An'Expofitiótiá upon the Bookof JOB. Vert 15. Gofpel intentions ; but it was the manner and circumftances wherein the Lawwas revealed,which were fo terrible. And this terrorhad this great ufe, even the humbling of their fouls to a willing fubjefion and ;obedience to the will ofGod. When God evealed the Gofpel to Paul (as well as when he revealed the Law toMofés,) he made Paul tremble (Aas 9.) Paul was (Mit- ten down to the ground, God layed him along, uuhors'd him, when hecame to manifeft his Chrift to,or (as himfelf fpeaks,(Gat. t, t 6.) to reveal his Son' in him And this was to abafe him, . to break his heart, that he might be made up a chafen veffel,to Ats 9, i5, carry the Name of God unto the Gentiles. And howfoever fuch humiliations are not of abfolute neccfíity, yet they have been very ufual, and very ufeful. When the Lord bath laid the will and wifdom of man in the duff, when he bath trade the ftrongeft and ftouteft to become as achild or ababe, to quake before him; then hetakes him into his School of Inftruc ion, and thews him fuch things, as none of the wife men, or Princes of this world, ever knew, evenfuch things, as eye bath not feen, ear bath not heard, neither have they entred into the heart of man. This made our Lord Jefus break out into that mixt. rapture of gratulation and admiration, Mat. 11.25. I.han ,bee, O.Father, Lord of Heaven dud earth, becarefe thou haft hid thefé things from the wife andpru dent, and haft revealed them to babes. Be as babes before God, and he will give you the wifdom of men, yea of Angels. They who are high built, and pinacl'd in their own conceits, feldome have the foundation or 5rft principles of Caving knowledge laid in them favingly. Thirdly, From this effect of the v-ilion, obferve, That fear, is a ftrongandpowerfulpaton. Fear comes upon iman like a Giant, Fear (faith Eliphaz). cameupon me, it came upon me violently. Aman were as good meet a bare rob'd of her whelps, as this fear :. The firongeft man its the world, cannot (hake your bones, as fear alone will, if that take hold of you. Some of the Greeks, had fuch amazing thoughts of fear, it was fo terrible to them, that to appeafe it, they worthiped it for a God, as fame worfhip- edforrow among theRomans for a goddefs, under the name of Jug. de Cis. Pea Angerona. The trueGod is calledfear in Scripture : And fear Da, was made an Idol God among the Heathens : And if we confi- der thefe effeós in the Text,trembling of the flefh, baking of the hones, ftanding up of the hair, all whieh this fuddain farprife of