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roo Chap. q.. AnExpofition upon the Bookof J O B. vert. 16. who (like the Horfe, de fcribed, job. 39. 22.) ufed to mock atfear, andwould not turn backfor drawn fwords, or theglittering ofjliield or (pear, shall at that day (hake with fear and hide themfelves like little children. So ranch for the effeds of the vifion. Now follows a further defcription of the vifion. Verfe r6. It flood hill, but I couldnot difcern theform thereof, an Image was before mine eyes, there was filenee, and I heard a voice, Paying. This verfe contained a fccond gefture of this fpirits appearing in the vifion to Eliphaz. The fpirit was pang before, here handing, as ifhe would prefent himfelfe more fully to his view and obfervation. It flood ¡till an image was before mine eyes; but though the fpirit gave Iflipbaz this fare advantage, yet he made little ateof it, for he faith, 1 could not difcerne tblforme ofit, that is, I could make nothing of it diretly; But when his eye gave him no help; his Bare did: thoughhe could not difcerne or diftinguifh the forme ofthe fpirit appearing, yet hecould di- $inguifh thevoice of the fpirit speaking, there was frlence and I bearda voicefaying. It!foodhill] To Band in Scripture, imports not alwayes a fetled pofture of the body: but it is taken fometime in a larger fenfe, tonote our prefence in any place, whether it be fitting, ffanding, or walking, as Mat. 16. 28, Chrifì faith, There Le fame ftanding here, which pall net taf e of death, till they fee the Son ofman coming in his kingdom., Yet here the pofture is conceived to be, an erred, fetled, fixed pofture; to the intent, Eliphaz might have his eye more fetled and fixed upon it, and likewife that his heart might be better prepared and fitted, for the receivingof that meffage, which fhould be delivered unto him by it when a man fpeaks, he ufually snakes a ftand ; An Ambulato- ryfreed', a fpecch in motion, is not fo audible, nor fo comely. In apparitions, this pofture is f,equently mentioned. When our Lord appeared to the Difciples after the refurredion.Lulçe faith, Rood amongfi tbem,chap.2¢. 36.Zaebarie, faw the Angel ftanding on the rightfideof the .Altar, Lick'. r r. And while the Apoff.les were looking up fteadfaftly to Heaven, at the afcention of Chrifl, Behold two menRood by them in white apparel, which altsfail,& c. Acts a.1 io. therefore alfo this fpirit being to (peak, flood Rill. I could