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To the Reader. pofperity a aafii¿ion fo icdifferently to good and bad, to the righteous and the wicked, that no unerring judg:- ment can poffibly be made up, of any mans fpiritual eítate by the face, and upon the vi,. w of his tempos ral,Hedeclares this a; hie opinion,in clear, refolnte andCate- gorical,termes (Ch.9. ver.22, 23.) Ibis is one thing, there.. fore I laid it, He deftroyeth the perfe& and the wicked, if, the fcourge flay fuddenly, he will laugh at the trial of the innocent. tihich opinion bath no quarrel at all with any of thofe three principles, held by Job joyntly, and in confort, with his threefriendr, lut only with their fourth : which he throughout rcfufs as Heterodox and unfound in it felf, as uncomfortable to the Spirits, and incontinent with experiences of th .:' Saints. In theStrong hol.i and Fort-royal of this holy truth, Job fecures leiras- felfagainji all the ofáults, and fcatt,rs all the Objet ions of his Opponents : replying to maintain it to the very de 465 he willlay hisbones by thispolition, fay his unkind friendr, what they can again hint, and let the moll wife God, do what he pleafes withhim, That, he w;as ofnner, he readily grants 3 that, he was an hypocrite, heflatly dt nyes. That, theLordwarrighteous in all his dealings with him,' he readily grants. That, himfelfwas righteous, bec.tufe the Lord haddealtJo with him heflstly denies. Row per f e`itot v: r he MU, r hecouj r, that, he needed the Free -grace andMercies of the Lord to jelifie him,but with- al cif;erts, that he was perfe¿l enough,to 3: f ifi'e himfelf acing all the challenges of man. In thrfe acknowledgments of his ernulnefs, and denials ofinfncerity. in 'hete bumblings of i im'lf before Godand acquittings of himfelfbefore men ; in thrfe imp!oring' mercy from the Lord, and complainings of the unkindne Is' of his brethren, the firength of Jobs arrrer cox pi, and the fpeciakt es of it 'mg be fismrnd up. 9 . '