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To the Reader. 'Tis true that through the extremity of his pain, the an- pip of his fpirit, and the provocation ofhisfriends, force unwaryfpecch -s flipt from him. For which, Elihu reprov- ed him gravely and "harp!), of which, himfelf repented forres fully and heartily, all which,, the moßi gracious God rayed by and párdon'd freely, not ïmput!ng fin unto him. Thus (Christian Reader) I have endeavoured (aa tofore of the whole Book, fo now) iogive a briefaccount con- cerning the Arer,;vtative part ofit: and to reprefent how far in thisgroat Controverfe, the Anfwerer and his Ob. je&ors agree in jueg.went, and where they part, if this'difccv ry adminis` er any help, as a Thred to lead your meditations, through the many fccret turnings, and in- tricacies of this difgrate, the labour in drawing it out is abun- dantlyfati. fted.And if a-yfurther*light,fubfervient to this end. j all be given in from the Father of lights, that alfo in it's féaJon may be held forth and fet upon a Candle. flick. 14 hat, is now received, together with the textual Fxpofi- tìons upon this fill Undertaking k tween Eliphaz and Job, Ileave in your hands : praying fora bleffingfrom on high, to convey truth home to every heart; defiring earnefi prayers for the Spirit of grace and illumination to be pw,vred out, according to the measure of the gife.of Cri(t, upon April 28 645. Your very affeecionate Friend and Servant in this work of the Lord ff pb