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Chap. 4. An Expof !ion taon the Book of j OB. Ver iy t"I9 more So when it is fair weather in the world, calme and ferene; even Doves keep off from God ; and though, they go not quite away from r him, yet they are not Co defìroets of coming to hitn: but when we find adeluge in the, world ; filch forms and tem- p, fis of trouble, that we know not where to fix our fouls for a day, then We come as the Dove fluttering about the Ark, and cry to our Eternal Noah, that we may be near him,yea, within,witlr hirn.W'icked moon : like the Raven,whichNoah fent out firfl, Ver 7. and turned not again) care not for the Ark of Gods pretence in the greatcü troubles: to be near /God is more troublefome to them, then all their troubles. But Believers, like the Dove, will look home at leaf) in foul weather. God is their chief friendat all times,an d their only friend in fad times. Is-there any harm in this ?' Chria fendsa florrn,but to draw his back to the Ark; That at the lag, where he ú, there they.' may be alfó. Laftly, we may fay it is well with the righteous in their worft condition of outward trouble, becaufe, God it with them; It can never be"ill with that man, with whom.Gord i . It is infinitely more to fay, Iwill hewith thee,tht;n to fay,peaceis with thee, health is. with thee, credit is with' thee, honour is with thee. To fay,God is with thee, is all there, and infinitelymore. For in there you have but a particular good,in God you have all good: when God Cayes, I will be with you, you may make-what you will out of it ; fit down and imagine with your Elves whatfoever good you can de- iire,and it is all comprehended in this one word,Farillbe with thee.- Now God who- is with the righteous at all times, is molt with them in worft times; then he faith in a fpecial fetrle,I will be with thee When thoupaffefi through the waters,I will be With thee. When thou walkejl through thej'ire, thou 'halt not he burnt, &Cc. Ifa 43. 2.' When a mighty windpafed before Eliab, iris laid, That Godwas z.Kinpp ro ,eot.inthe wind : and when the Earthquake (hook the Hills, and a confuming fire appeared, it is laid, God was not in the Earth- quake, not in the fire. God joynes not without ward troubles; for the terrourofhis people,but.he joynes withoutward troubles,for thecomfort of his people. So he is in the fire, and in the wind, and in the Earthquake, and his pretence makes the fire but as a warm Sun ; the ftorrny wind, a refrething gale ; and the Earth- quake, but a pleafant dance. So much for the removing of this objection, and clearing up the j.utl;ice of God, refpeEting"the afflicîionof the righteous, if