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i 213 Chap. q.. An Expoftion upon the Book of J O F. Verf.i7 Hang (hall look on the other hand upon wicked men,as if God carne not home in his jut ice, while he faders them to profper. Fir(}, I anfwer, their profperity raves the providence of God, and therefore it loth not crfshis jufiice. That, was Nebuchad nezars cafe, (Ifa. ; o. 6.) Iwill fnd him ( faith God againff an Hypocritical Nation fo then, he mutt profper while he goes up- on Gods errand : but mark what follows ,'verfe i z.) ItJballcorne to pair, that when the Lord bath performed bis whole work, upon Mount Zion,fc. byNeLuchadnezars power, who was but doing the jufi workof God, while he thought ambitioufly ofdoing his own, (now it is no injuftice for God,to give an initrumeut power to do his work)and when his bloody lull hath performed the holy work of God, you thall fee the Lord will take an order with him Ipeedily, For(then fàith the Lord,) I willpunifh the fruit of the flout heart of the King of 4Jyria, andthe glory of his high looks God let him alone to do the work, he had fet him about ; and it was a righteous work ofGod upon his people, though Nebuchad- nezar went about it, with a proud and malicious fpirit againti his people. Secondly,the profperity of wicked men ferveth them,but as an opportunity, to Thewhowwicked and vile they are ; toad and publifh the feveral abominations of their own hearts Now as it is one of the greatefl mercies under Heaven, for a man to have his lofts quite mortified ; fo it is a very great mercy,for a man to have his lufts,but refirained: It is a mercy for a man,to have that feuel taken away from his corruptions, upon which they feed : there- fore it muff needs be wrath and judgment upon wickedmen, when God inflead of reftraining their hilts, giveth themopportunity to enlarge their lulls, and layes the reins on their neck, o run whe- ther and which way they pleafe, without flopor controul. This is wrath, and high wrath, a fore judgment,the forefl judgment that can fall upon them : wherefore when we think they are in á molt profperous condition,they are in the molt dreadful condition,they are but filling themfelves with fn, and fitting themfelves for de- ftru Lion. Many a macs lulls are altogether unmortified, which yet arc chilli(' and overawed by judgments. And there is more judgment in having liberty to commitone fin, then in being flint up under the Irian bars and adamantine necelTities of a thoufand judgments : He that is Satans treafury for fin, (hall be Gods trea- fury for wrath, Thirdly,