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$22 Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. VerC i7 there you !hall find juftice vifible : we often lofe the fight of ju,. Tice in our travailes and paffage through the world, mountaines and hills interpole, which we cannot fee over or through ; but when we come home, and arrive at the end of our travailes, Juftice will appear in all herftate andglory, rendring to every man according to his deeds ; To themwho by patient continuance in well doing, feek for glory, and honour, and immortality, eternal life ; but unto them that are contentious, anddo not obey the truth, but obey unrighteoufneJs, indignation and wrath. Jofhua concludes the fury ofthe people of Ifrael,in theirpaffage to Canaan, with the higheft teftimonies ofGods jufticeand faith - fulnefs ; though God dealt with them fovarioufly in the Wilder- /ads that they often murmured in their Tents, as if he had done them wrong,yet in the clofe you !hall find,how exaa and punau- al the Lord was with them, (Jofh.zi. 45.)There failednot ought of any good thing which the LordhadJpoVn to the houfe of Ifrael, all came topafs :. And in that other Text, Jofh.23. r 4. Behold this day I am going the way of all the Earth, andyou know in all your hearts, and in allyourfouls , that not one thingbathfailed of all the good things, which the Lord your God fpak,e concerning you, ell are come topafs unto you, and not one thing bathfailed there_ of. How admirably juts was God in his word ? If a man promife many things, we take it well if he perform Ionicof the chief,and them in the chief, though fomewhat may faite. God promifed many things, and performed all, and which is more, all of every one, of thole many things promifed, The Texts compared,make this out, theone Paying, That not one thingfailed of all the good things, which God fpakeconcerning them. And the other, 7hat net ought of any good thingfailed. So then, they had every good thing in kind,with each particular part and degree of every good thing : And for the truth of all this, Jofona makes his appeal to themfelves, and to that in themfelves,which was bell able to de- termine it, All their hearts and all theirfouls ; which words do notonly refer to every perfon, as if the meaning were, The hearts a.ndfouls of you all ; but rather to all that isin every perfon, All their hearts, and all their fouls, that is, underftand ings, memo- ries, confciences, affelions , yea fences, their eyes and ears, their hands and mouthes, could bring in witnefs from their le- verai operations, to this great truth. And furely God inthe end` will deal as well with every Ifraelite, as he did with all Ifrael A