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Chap. 4. An Expofstion upon the Boob, of J O B. Vert 18. 127 The Apoftle(iCor.4.1,2.)fpeaking of that heavenly Steward- (hip, the nrini(kry of the Gofpel, expreffeth it thus, Leta man fo account of us as of the Miniffers of Chrilf, and Stewards of the Myfferies of God ; moreover ( faith he) it it required in a Steward that a man be found faithful'. And (Num. i2.7.) where Mofes is fpoken of, as a fervant, he is thus defcribed, My fervant Mofes isnotfo, who is faithful in all myhoufe; he is 2 man whom I may tru(i or give credit to, for he is trufty and faithful, (Heb. 3. 2.5.) The Apoftle comparingChris and Mofes, faith of Chrift,That he wasfaithful to him that appoynted him; as Mofes was faithful in all his houfe. So that here is an elegant Antithefis ; his (èrvants, who according to their duty and office, ought to be conftant, faithful, trufly, he found unconftant, unfaithful, not to be trufted. Yet the word being in Hyphil, is of an alive fignifìcation,and ï Ztt'd when it is in conftruC ion with Beth (as Grammarians obferve) it Averbi proprt_ imports to givecredit unto,or confide in a perfon ; and fohere* erarenon rece_ put no truf- ; that is,he did not credit or confide in thofe fervants, daacur, quaJ,g_ or he did not believe on them. He law fomewhatin them, which ntfccae cum _ might betray them todifloyalty, if hirnleifwithdrawing his affi- credo u Mre ftance,fhould make an experiment; to try what was in their.hearts. Tlrbumdever- And this fente is moft fuitable to the Bate and office ofa fervant: beinfervoe trufting or not trufting, faithfulnefs or unfaithfulnefs, are ac&s os credidit. proper to that relation, Lord and Servant. So then the Lordput no :ruff, or he could not confide in his fervants,they being fuch as he found not perfectly lure and loyal unto him We fay common- ly of a man whomwe cannottruft, We, will not give our wordfor him, andwe will not take his. Our Lord Chrift is therefore called. A faithful High Pried-, becaufe his Father trufted him with the whole bufinefs of our Salvation, without the lea(: mifgiving, thought of his faithfulnefs, or the mifcarriage ofthe work.Thus Solomon defcribes afaithful Wife and a confiding Husband, Prov. 3,11 . A rare couple indeed,and as rarely found.Thereforehe makes proclamation for fuch a woman ; Who can find a versions woman ? for her price is far above Rubies, the heart of her Hits.. band loth fafely truf- in ber, Jò that he (hall have no need of f poyl : there's confidence to the height; the heart of her Husband doh fafely truffle her. A Husband that bath fuch a Jewel to his Wife, knows, the will order the familywith difcretion at home, when he's abroad : he knows the is faithful to him body and goods. Her chaflity ©r.hcrfrugality nevercame in queiiion before his