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128 Chap. 4. AnExpóf tion upon the Book of JOB. Verf. - his thoughts ; therefore (faith he) I y7á11 have no d offpo, ram circum- which Come interpret thus: her care and wifdom i, pneerò iding fllor fiuirbones om -the family, will make it like an Army_ which bath overcome the nubur '(amnia Enemy in the field, or won a wealthy City :i where the Souldi rs (Jul kolasex- (Jul have fpoyl or pillage enough, they need no fpoyl. Or as others, urbe, HeJhall have no needof fpoyl, that is he Bali have no need to out hoye flip á fpoyl or opprefs others tohelp his family: All things (hall be rare fo ordered by his wives prudence, that he (hall not need to take any unjuft way, to provide for, orgfopply his hou(hhold. Thus the heart of her Husband dotb f afely truf- in her. Such truli the heart of God could not put in thofe fervants, his Angels, he knew they might come fhort oftheir accounts. Such trùlt Chrift could not give fome,who feemed to fruit or believe on hitri,(7"ohn 2. 23.) Many fixing Chrifts miraclesbelieved on him, yet Chrift tele laíseveu:_ would not believe on them; we tranflate, he would no commit avróvuvsórc: himfelf to them ; The Greek is, he did not believe or trult himfelf unto them; Chrift believes in, or may truft them all the world over,who truly believe inhim : But thofe believed fo falfly upon him, that he could not believe fully upon them ; and the Text gives the reafon,For be himfelfknew allmen,he knew, they were not metal of a due temper, and therefore not to be trufted. So God knew all Angels,the uttermoft perfedion,power and ver- tue that was in Angels, therefore he would not commit all to them, he would not believe upon them. We find the word belief thus ufed,(Fxod. i 4 3 r.)when theChildrenoflfrael law the great work that theLord had wrought in deftroying the1Egyptians,it is fiad,Thepeople feared theLord,andbelieved the Lord, andhis fervant Mofes ; heputs God and Mofes as the joynt oblca} of their faith , as they had formerly beenof their unbelief. Except the fervants of the Lord be believed, the Lord himfelf it not, Andwhen they, are believed, the Lord is. Believe in the Lord your God, believe his Prophets, faith good }ehofapbat to his people, 2 Chron. 2p. 20. Mofes had told them enoughof the power of God before, he had undertaken they fhould bedelivered, but they would not truft Mofes upon his word, nor would they truft the Word of God: yet now when they law this great deliverance,prefent fight wrought faith for the time to cone : they perceived by this mirac!e,that the Lord andMofes were tobecredited,and they doubted not,to cre- dit them another time. Though thatfaith which comes in at the eyes only, feldomegoes down fe law, as the heart, or feesfaartherar{d longer