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131 Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. `` ""` VeTf IS. an army of Angels was his Convoy, Gods Hoar coming out for his protecfaion and fafeguard, and therefore he called the name of that place Nahanaim, that is,two Hoafts or Camps ; either becaufe the Angels appeared in two bands, and fo made as it were a guard for jatob to pats between them. Or,becaufe the great An- gelical Royal Army, quartered and marched with Jacobs little Army ; and fo two confederate Armies appeared in the field to- gether. Angels are called Chariots, Pfal. 68 17. The Cbariotr of Godare twenty thoufands, even thoufands of Angels. That is,God ufethAngels for defence of his people, as Chariots in War. The ancient Prophets were called the Chariots of Ifrael, (2King. 3. 13.) and the Angels are the Chariots of God .Ourffrongeft Mili- tia it of Spirits, or of men Spiritualiz'd. Thirdly,Angels fuggett good things,holy thoughts to us. If the Devil, who is an evil Angel, a wicked fpirit, can fuggett evil, fin- ful filthy thoughts, and help on the heart in wickednefs; then doubticfs a good Angel can help on the heart in holiuefs., in hea- venly thoughts and meditations. Chrifi (peaks of /udar,that Sa- tan had part it into her heart to betray bim, John 13. and Peter to Ananias (AEls 5.) Why bath Satan filled thine heart to lye to the' Holy Gb fi? The nature of a good Angel is as fit, his power gi- ven as great, to deal with our fpirits, as either the nature or the power of an evil Angel. That of the Aponte (2 Cor. L L. 14.) gives a hint ifnot a ptoofof it, where he tells the Corinthian.,, That deceitful workers transforme themfilves into the Apofiles of Chri(i, and no marvel, f(tr Satanhimfelf is transformed into an Angel of Light; and when is Satan in this change from an Angel ofdarkness to-an Angel of Light ? even when He fuggeffs good for evil ends, or evilfor good ends.. And if he is called an Angel of Light for this reafon, then Angels of L°gbt, good Angels fuggeft good, for good ends; otherwife, Satan could not be laid to imitate them, in fuggelinggood for ill ends, and under fpe- cious pretences of bringing glory to God, tempting to tranfgrcfs the will of God. Fourthly, good Angels comfort, ftrengthen and fupport, in . times ofdifrrefs,anguifh and trouble an Angel comforted Hagar Gen. 21. and (Mat. 4.1o.) after Shrift had tiniíhed his terrible combat with that wicked Angel, the good Angels came andmi- niffred unto him. Again when he was in that molt bitter Agony itn the Garden (Luke 22, 43.) anAngel appeared to himfromHea- ven