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Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf. 18, 129 longer then the eye. Thus we may und'erftand the firfi part of the Verfe, Heput no truft, no belief in his fervants, he gave no credit to them, as knowing perfectly what their nature and power was, what both could do : that if left by God, they would quickly leave God and prove unfaithful, I (hall obferve one point, before I come to the latter part ofthe Verle ( for there the fulpition of difloyaltie upon the Angels comes more fully tobe conlidered) from the title here given to the Angels, His fervant ,Fieput no truii in hisfervants, Angels are thejërvants ofGod. They are his fervants,as being altogether at his command, and they are his fervants,as being fully conformable to hiscommands. There great and glorious Spirits, come under the fame title and denomination with men, who dwell in houles of clay,frvants ofGod. To ferve God,is not only the duty,butit is the honour of the higheftcreatures. It is more honour to ferve God, then torule the World. The flile of the good Angels,is, Miniftring Spirits, Heb. 1. but the flile and title of the evil Angel,is, Prince of thepower of the Air, God of this world: you muff think thele were weighty titles, Prince ofthe Air, God of the World, but the additions diminifh their weight, yea, make them lighter then va- nity, or rather, heavy only with mifery : There is moreglory in being afervant ofGod,then ofbeing a God o f the World,or a Prince of the power of the air. I might here enlarge my enquiry into the fervices of Angels,in what they are fervants,and what their offices ànd duties are,but I fhall only touch.Their fervice may be confïdered either in raped of the Church, or the enemies of the Church. RefpeCfing the Church and people of God, they have luch fervices as there. Firft, They areas meffengers to carry and reveal the mind of God. They are as Tutors and inilruffors of the Churches,Dan 8. 9. God lent his Angel to teach Daniel the myfterie of thole viii- ons. And Rev. 1. z 1. au Angel was tent to inftru&John,Chap.22. r6. I Jefus have fens mine Angel to tefiifte theje things in the Churche Secondly, They are fent as Guardians and Protectors of the people of God, to take their part,and to beon their fide,Pfál.34. 7. The Angel of the Lord encamped round about them that fear him. Pjàl. 91.1i. He giveth his Angels a charge over them, left at any time they jhoulddaJh their feet againft a Jione. Gen. 3 2, 2, When Jacob journied, it is laid, the Angels of God me: him S aft