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t 3 g Chap. 4. AYj ExpofLion upon the Book of J O'B. Vert t 8. commandments of God, and harkning to the voice (Ibis wordfor e- ver. Pfal. 103.20. We may hence learn, lirft, What the fin. of Angels was , God charged his Angels with folly ; the poflible fin, which God law, and 'till fees, in the nature of Angels,was the a±ual fin ofAngels.. Pride and felt confidencewere the tins of Angels, and.thcle are Aquinptv.t.q, the moil proper fins ofAargels Angels cannot fall into every tin. e; 3 art. r. The Schoolman quetlions,Whether the ftrft fin ofAngels was pride? Heargues and concludes, that hDwfoever:in regard of guilt, the Devils, orfallcn Angels, have all fins upon them, becaule they tempt than to every lin (For be that tempts another to afinwhich himfelfc,ommits not, or is incapable to commit, is asguilty,as if be had committed it) yet in regard ofthe ad it felt, evil Angels can only commit thofe fins, which are fiatable to a fpiritual nature: Now a fpiritual nature,isnot affcded with thoíè lins,whichbe- long to a corporal orfentitive nature ; devils are not.adulterers, theyare not drunkards ; theirs are fpiritual fins, and their chi.f fpiritual fin, was pride ;.their fira fin contifted in not fubmitting, themfelves to that condition, wherein God placed them, and whereunto they were appointed. All agree it was pride, though there be different opinions about what this.pride Chewed it Pelf; whether in affcBeing a higher degree, then God created them in, refuting the work and oft-Le God fet them about, (which Come conceive was the miniftration to, or the guardianfhip of man,. which trult they deferted or (corned) or whether it were an affee- ging a further condition upon their own ftrength,not looking to the ttrength and grace of God , whatfoever the particular.was, the general is plain, theyabode not in the truth,, theykept not their ffation : Pride and ambitio» . [welled . theta , till they brake and AmeliCut fell. runt aDea Secondly, obferve, Atgels(as c eatures) are mutable creatures; creati,berti, though they are the bell of creatures, yet they are changeable beatitudinens- creatures.; though they are the moil perfect creatures, yet there turali,nonau* is fómewhat:in them ofimperfedion. Look upon Angels in their tea frperu- creation, they were created bleffed ; Blclfed (as the Schools de Jipejaperna- turaA, quein termine) with a natural blefiednels, not with a fupernatural, vijronedivi which eonfifte, in the vifion ofGod;for,if they had been created in efy'antia afupernatural bleffednefs then they had never fallen ; they were `0n/ t created only in a natural'bleffednefs, and from that they might egumpar.r._ q G .arr.t. Íall,and did.. Now, indeed, the800d Angels have obtained by Chrift..