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146 Chap. 4. AnE#ofition upon the BooiZ,of J O B. Vetf.i. into him the breath cf lire, iridMan became a livingfoul. eorpt$ hung- This the body is a houfe,and it is a lioufe ofclay, or a houle of tram lutum di- earth, fo called, chiefly in two refpcc s. giur, quod ex Firfl, becaufe of the matter of it,it is madeofearth. Thoughall terra ts' aqua Elements (as Naturalifls teach) meet in mitt bodies,yet earth is gravioribM °ementxabun. predominant in groffeand heavy bodies. Aamises comfit. Secondly , becaufe ofthe countinuance of it, or the meaner by Apia. which it is fupported : for, as it was at the firit framed out of the earth,fo it isftill fupported and maintained by earth;earthly crea- tures, meat and drink with fuch like accomodations continue and repair this hook from day today until at laft it be laid down in the dull and return to earth again.So then it is called an earth- ly houfe, not only from the matter of which it is made, but alto from the meaner by which it is kept in repair,earth and earthly all Wh f foundation is in the du]?-. Thefe words aggravat the weaknefsof mens condition Suppofe men were formed out of thedull and wear but clay, yet, had he a- firongfoundation, that would fupport and lirengthen him. The ffirength of a building is iii the foundation,and that building whole walls are but weak may Rand long, being firmly founded. The -Ity Church of Chrifl is weak of it fell ; but becaufe the Church hatli. MSulvle preprtë fuch a mighty foundation, CHRIST the Rock, a livingand tstier.Eytenui- ayt unmevezble Koch: (That confe(lion ofPeter, Thou art Chrift the guarder in Son of the living God, is the Churches foundation Rock) there- Net. in Gm. fore the Gates of Hell (hall not pre-sail againfi'.it. But when. Signifrcat non the building is weak,and the foundation weak too in how totter- ircttur.pui. ing a condition is loch a building ? Mans foundation is but land verem,jadpul erem c.rnoJie or dull and the word lignifies flying, light, uniable > moveable Tlimofum Pa- dull, loch as lies on the furface of the earth, and is plaid about eïusinGen 2..7 with every puff of wind, though Come (I confefsjtake the word.. P61vi, levg- not lriUly,for this flying dufl,but for (limy dutt,or dull moifined, mvueea gLwni- which is flume. This was the matter out of which God created: liltfrrmum aut. ediuturnura am. man Gen. 2. 7. Dull out cf the earth, or out of the dull of the earth. pinetorefl. That dull which can hardly becollefed or kept together to make a fubfiflance, that is laid together as the foundation,of man, His ,foundation is. in the duff. Hence we may obferve firfl, what the pedigree and original of man is what treafure boever he carriesabowt him, yet he is an earthen zefél,or as the Apoflc fpeaks of thefitti manCori 5.47. h: