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Chap. -q.. An Expofition upon the BookofJ OB. Verf. i4.5 words prove, But thouart cafe out ofthygrave, &c. But I rather take it (as was before intimated) to be an expreffion of mans natural conftitution, He dwell in a houfe ofclay, whofefoundation is in thedufi. And fo the Apofile is exprefs (2 Cor. 5. a.) Ifour earthlyhoufe ofthis Tabernacle trere diffolved; the earthly houle is the body ; and C2 Cor.4. 7.) the body is called an earthen vefel, We have this treafure (namely the precious Promifes and 1fi truths of God in the difpenfation of the Golpel) in earthen Twbidut,lutu- veffels : We, dyingmen, Preach eternal life ; we have death in tenaa,mixua, our faces, while the word of life is in our mouthes. The word ut cum aqua here uCed, lignifies clay, either wrought or unwrought, either turbantur i in a !arum natural (limy dirt, or dirt made up for ulè,by art : So Gen. al. 3. ira commove. When they attempted the building of that Tower, it is Paid, tur,ut canfun- They hadflime for morter ; it is the word of the Text, which is dantur & luto ufed both for (lime and morter ; they hadflume (which is natu- mifientur,urin ral` for morter; that is (by Art and indufl. they mademorter de- s f rY) Y aenerent. .offlume : The bodyof man is a houle of clay, but not of rude 4 oc cope is natural clay ; the power, and (ill may fo (-peak) the art of God team domrwra- bath wrought it. beyond it felf, and refined it for this goodly puïaaniimahe- building, the body of man. mana quantum The body ofman is called a houle or building in two refpeas. ad aliquid ell FirÇt,becaufe ofthe comely Fabrick: it is let up by line orby rule, incorpore frcut there is admirable Architeí`ure, admirable skill in building and homo iR dome, railing up of the body ofman, Flory after flory, roomafter room, velfcue muta and contrivance after contrivance, in all fo: con ae` and let to- tae pike, f P tara fcilitee efí`! gether, that the mat curious piles in the world are but rude motor sorperù; heaps compared to it;fo then,in relpec`f ofthe frame and ftruCture, anima autan it is fitly called a houfe. non uritur cor. Secondly, The frame of the body is called a houfe, in ref-pea port f dforma- of nt the foul ; the foul dwells in or inhabits the body,as the whole liter, ut forma man inhabits or dwels in a houfe ; the foul guides and orders the meterie, dits. body, as the inhabitant orders the affairesof the houfe, or as the tar "¡la mate- Mariner and Pilot Geer and direCt the motionsof the Ship : Not um fundamen- tha t the foul is in thebody accìdentally(we muff not flrain the fi- quad f el prima militude fo far)as a man is in-a houfe,oraMariner is in a Ship:there pars in genera. is a formal union between the body and the foul ; only the foul is liane, flintfun. laid to dwell in the body,and the body or the matter is after cal- downturn is leda foundation,becaufe there is the be g innin g' au was M begunat canflittttiene g lonus.AquiLlt his body, as the houfe is at the foundation : first, trodformedman that is, the body)out ofthe duff of the earth, and then he breathed V into