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Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the boekof J OB. Verf; z9, 14,5 Heathens, may be renewed againf Come Chriftians, they are btafi- ed molt the combe and theglafs, and troubled more at a Inter :nes+ diforder in their hair, then at a diforder in the Common-wealth, Inter pc0ra (he Paid, I fay) then at a diforder in the Church, or in their own "144 cri. Sen.. hearts. It is a fad thing, that any whobear the name ofa Chrifti- an, fhould fpend much time between the combe and the glafs, and but little between Ordinance and Ordinance, between the Bible ánd the Pulpit, between reading and hearing, between both, and holy meditation ; the body is but a houle of clay, it is but duff, therefore benot fo industrious for it. We ufually laugh at children when they are making houles of clay, and pies of dirt. They whole care is thusover-aEtíve for the body, are but children of a greaterjtature,and thew, they have fo much more folly in their hearts then they, byhowmuch they have more years over their heads, and are foolish about more serious matters then they. There is no child to the old child. Fifthly,feeing this houle ofclay is founded alto in dull, obferve, that man is averyfraile, an unjteady,and an unfiable creature,every puffe muft needs fubjed him to ruine. Look upon his foundation, it is nothing but dust. When CHRIST (Hub. 7. ult.) had finifhed his Sermon upon the Mount, he compares his hearers to fuch as build either upon the Rock, or upon the Sand, They that bear and do not, are like a houfe built upon thefated; and what be- comes of that houle ? when the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, that house fell, and the fall thereof was great. A foundation of dull or fand cannot Rand out one ftorm. The houfe of mans body is walled and roofed with clay, and bot- tom'd upon no better then duf ;the fírength ofthe Church(aswas toucht before)is defcribcd by the matter of its foundation,a Rock, Matth. 1.6. And the new Jerusalem (which as it isconceived to be the molt pure fate of the Church here on earth, fo it mull be the ftrongeft) is fet forth having twelve foundations, and they all of ftone, and all thole fonts moil precious, and therefore moil dura- ble, irength and stability ofthat effate which the Saints (hall inherit, when thefe honks ofearthare by death level- led to the earth (the stability. (I fay) of that eftate) is described un, der the notionofa City which hàth foundations (Heb. s s. 10.) He (namely Abraham) looked fa a City which bath foundation.s, whofe builder andmaker God.When the Holy Ghof faith f ou-t- dationt, who can tell how many they maybe ? we caneafily, ten the