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Chap. q.. 14n:Expoftion upon the Book of J OB. VerC t g . the'feweft they can be ; two is the lowefc number ; fo thatat leafs this City bath afoundation upon a foundation.The foundation of Chrifisperfeet righteoufnefs is laid upon the foundation of Gods eternalfree love:here is foundation upon foundation. The City a- bove hath thefe foundations, and therefore we receive a City that cannot be fhaken. I note thefe things, to (hew by confent of Scrip- ture, that the ftabilityof any condition in allufon to a building is expreft by the trength of its foundation. Now, all our outward glory and excellency, our life,and all the pomp of it, hath fcarce fo much as deferves to be called a foundation ; a foundation of duff hath only the name of a foundation. That Image in Daniel which typed out all thedefcents of worldly greatncls,hada head of gold, the breall and armes of Silver, the thighes ofBrafs,and the legs of Iron,but thefeet werepart ofIron,andpart of Clay. The feet are the foundation, and the feet of this Image (peak thus much to all the world, that all worldly pompe and greatnefs, all worldly power and majeily muff fall,'for the Image ¡fonds upon clay; and though it havea mixture ofIron in the feet which is flrong,yet,it (hall not Eland by the iron which is thong, but fall and be broken by the Clay which is weak, As it was in .thofe great Monarchies, into which the outward power ofNations andKingdoa s was con- traded: Co ifyou look upon any particular man, though you may conceive him tohave a head- of gold,armes and breaft of filver, thighes of brats, and legs of iron, yet When you come to -the feet, the foundation of the whole body, it is but duff, which a fmal florm will ditfipate and blow away,the body ofman hath foweak afoundation;#hat it is fometime compared to that which 4at4 foundation,a Tabernacle, (i Cor. 5.) If the earthly boutaófthis Tabernacle were diffolved, faith the Apoftle. Now a Tabernacle 1eAum habst, hatha roof or a covering, but no foundation : The Tabernacle fundament= , n n of the body hath a covering, but hardly any foundation,enly a foundation in the duff. Laltly, Confider the form of (peaking in this Scripture, How much lefs on them who dwell in houfes of clay? I a (peaks of the whole man,as dwelling in a houle of clay ; Now weknow that a body cannot properly be Paid to dwell in a body, the houle Both -not dwell in a houle4 yet he fpeaks,as ofa compleat perfond wet. ing in a houfe ofclay,which yet is to be underfiood ofone partof theperfon, The foul ; that dwells in a boufe of clay, that as,í.t ads and officiates in a body compefedof clay. Hence obferve, teeing the