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Chap. 4. An Expofitionupon the Bookof J O B. Verf. aç, 53 of thofe Stars, that is, they (lull be in fuch a cruthing perifhing condition as long as thofe Stars continue, which is, as long as the courte of this world continues. Our own Trantlation which comes clear to the letterof the Original, is further to be look:d into. They are crufhedbefore the moth. It may have a three-fold interpretation. Firkbefore the moth, thatis, before in time, or fooner then the ..noth. How quickly is a moth cruth- ed ? man may be crufhed ivzfore it, fooner then it is crutht. Se- condly, Before the moth, may be as much, as, in the prefence of themoth ; as ifhe thould fay,man thinks he is able to tland it out againfi a potent adverfary, yea, againti God himfelf, but alafs poor creature, he is not able to hand before a moth, or contend with a fly, if God arme any of them againfi him. Thirdly,Tbey are crufhedbefore the moth, that is, man is crutht and torn, next and worn out by a thoufand miferies and troubles which attend his life, before ever the moth has to do with him, before ever he lyes down in the bed ofdeath, before themoth, that is, for the moth to fret on, or as a companion for the wormes.. All thefe rendrings,though they differ in words,comenear and meet in the fame general fenfe, namely, An illufiration of mans frailty. Take them a rti by way of limilitude, Man it crufhed as it were with a moth; it notes thus much tous, That death con- fumes us without noife, fecretly and fluently : To do a thing as a moth, is to do it fluently and without noife. Hof, 5. t 2. God himfelf faith, That he will be as a moth unto Ephraim, and as a Lyon, he faith he will be as a Lyon it implyethh open judgments,which come violently and vifbly, which come in,like thunder, roaring as a Lyon upon them ; But when he faith, ! will be asamoth unto Ephraim, the meaning is, I will fend filent and fecret Judgments upon you, which shall eat out your flrength, corrode your power, and blemith the beauty of your garments, and you than not perceive it;Ye (hall beundone,confurned,and (as we fpeak Proverbially) ye (hall never knowwho hurtyou. The open enemies of the Church are threatned with fecret judgments, under this notion of a moth, Ifa.Se . q. Lo theyfball wax old as doth agarment, the moth fhali conJume them. Again, Chap. 5x. 6,7. Fear ye not the reproach of men, neither be ye afraid of their reviling:. For the moth (hall eat them up like a garment, and the worm fha!l eat them like wool t that is, whereas, your enemies have made a gteat noife and clamour with their revilings X againit