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152 Chap. q.. AnExpofition upon the Book of J OB. VerGr 9, that man was nothing but a foul : Thefe go affray more, and more dangerouslyon the left hand, Paying that man hath no foul at all : An opinion, howfoever lately dreil in Tome finenefs of wit, and Cubtilties of Philofophy, yet in it felf fo grofs, fo disho- nourable to man, focontrary to this Text, and the whole tenour of the word of God,that,I hope it is very mortal,and will shortly find a grave in every heart, but theirs, who have more reaCon to with it, then tomaintain it. I intend to difpute about it, beyond the Argument before me, which if it be not demonflrative (as many others from Scripture are) yet it carries (at leali) a fair probability, and an ingenious ground ; for how can man be laid to dwell in a houle of clay, it he himfelf be nothing elfe but a houle ofclay ? or how can the inhabitant and the houle be in all, but one and the fame ? But I thall dwell too long upon there houles of clay,in which man cannot dwell long : for it followes Which are crufhed before the moth. What frength is there in houles which are crufhed before the t !á 13117 moth ? or as others read it,Which Pall be confumedafter the man- Ad facia, ti- ner of a moth ? Matter Broughton thus,Beaten topowder as a moth near, DoTs be they : That is They are crufhed as Coon, or as fpeedily as a spoosov, inn"' moth. Another, They are confirmed as it were with a moth. A tinez. fifth tranflates differently from all there, Which are crufhed and Yam a times. confirmed before ArEiurus. Arcturus is a Heaven Vulg about the NorthPole ; we read of it in the 9th. of this Book of room- yob, verle 9. Which makes Araurus, Orion, and the Pleiades, &c. The fame word here, fignifies a moth,and Cometimes a Coníiella- tion, a knot or companyof Stars : The fente of this reading is made out thus, They are crufhed before the face of Arc'furus. That is,thty arc crufhed as long, or whiltl Areiurus doth conti- nue ; in plain English, as long as there is a Star in Heaven, man will be a mortal man ; or man will never change this con- dition ofmortality,while the world bands. We may thus expound it, by that (P(a1.72. 17.) where the Prophet delcribing the Kingdom of Chrill in the extent bothof place and 'time, faith, tot) His name fhall be continued as long as the Sun ; the Hebrew is, Ad facie: fols. His name 'hall continue before theface of the Sun; to continue before the face of theSun, is to run in a line of equal conti- nuancewith the Sun ; fo here, Theyare crufhed before the face of