Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v2

_. . _ .. 400 tha¡p:.. :r4tt x5 ottort upon the ookof pA. Vexf.2 is poffible toerre again, Aäually to erre twice, is . more finfull, but not to have a poffibility of erring twice, is molt dangerous. We tranfgrefs the lawes of livitïg over and over a thoufand thoufand times ; But as for the lawsof dying, no man eve, tranfgrefred them a fecond time, That we fo often tranfgrefs the law of living, is an aggravation of fin upon all men. And that we can tranfgrefs the law of dying but once, k the real of mifery upon molt men. Let us then cry unto God to be taught this great wifdome, how to die, and not without wifedome. JO B