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Chap. 5. An Expofition upon the bookof JOB. VerC z. 167 4 x.44y0.0 + 14404.$404ilX4444 $; t VkV'y ( i VF'4 H G "0 p JOB, Chap.. 5. Verf. r, 2. Call now if there be any that will anfwer thee, and to which of the Saints wilt thou turn? For ti ratb killeth the foelijb, andenvy Jhayeth the filly tire, Sc. H E five firft verts of this Chapter, contain the fourth Argument,bywhichElipbaz goes on to convince job of linful Hypocrite. And the conviction is made two wayes,ftoma twofold comparifon. Fir(t, He compares Sob to the Saints, and finds him unlike to them : Secondly, He compares job to the wicked,and finds him like to them; if fo,then yob mutt needs be a Hypocrite, who had carried it fair all the while in the world , for a great profeffor, and yet when he comes to the trial, was unlike all the Saints , and moll like the wicked ofthe world. The firft Argument maybe thus framed. He is not a jiff} or a holy man, who in his affililtion is altogether unlike ho y and pall men. But Job, thou in thy aflflionart altogether unlike holy and jutt . men. Therefore thou art not a holy or a juff man. The propofition is impli;d :. The Minor or the Affumption, is in the firft verle, Call now, if there b any that will anfwer thee, and to which of the Saints wilt thou turn? As if he thould fay, Inquire as much as thou wilt, thou Cnalt find none among the Saints like thy felf ; they, whohave been fomewhat like thee(of whom thou fhalt find but few) in the troublrs which thou haft brne, even thofe thouwilt find altogether unlike thee,in bearing thole troubles. Scarce any of the godly ever buffered fuch things as thou haft doïie, but none of the godly ever did fuch things in their fufferings. As he argues him in the firft verle ofhypocrifie, byhis unlike- nefs to the Saints ; Co in the next words, he argues him ofhypo, ai ie, by his likenefs to the wicked His firft argument for this, lyes in the fecond verfe, and in the three following verts there . lyes a fecond argument to confirm the fame point ; He attempts to