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Chap. 5. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B, VerC r. r 69 ,proceeding from height and pride offpirit in Eliphaz, as jibe dií dained to talk with fob any longer about the bufinefs ; as if he looked upon lob as no match for him, in point of argument, bids him look out anAngel or a Saint to grapple with him in theredii putcs,and fee if he could find any' one of thofe,who would under- take for him as an Advocate, or be his Second, forarnuch as him - felf was fò unable to defend his caufe, or juftihe what he had done ; Call now if there be any that will anfwer thee, that is, an- fwerfor thee, or to which of the Saints wilt thou turn for help, to patronize or plead thy cable ? But I [hall pals that. Secondly,Others of the f ezvi fh Writers make the fenfe out thus, as if Eliphaz had laid with Paul in the point ofthe Lords Supper (:r Cor. I i. 24a)' That which I have delivered unto you, 1 have re- ceived ofthe Lord; fò, that which I delivered unto thee inmy for- mer argument, f received from the Lord in a vifion, it was re- vealed unto nie from Heaven : now, do thou try whether thou canfl learnany thine; frown[ -leaven, or from -the Saints upon the earth (who arc inftrri ed to and for the Kingdom ofHeaven) which may anfwer my arguments, or confute_the reafons which I have brought againti thee. I had a vifìon from Heaven, now call thou to Heaven,and fee if thou canft have any anfwer from thence; Turn al.'fo to the Saints, to any Saint upon theearth, and fee what they will anfwer thee, I believe thou wilt not find one among[# them all,differing in.judgment fromme, or from that Oracle,with Nemotibi pre. which I have now acquainted thee. They will all agree with me ve corruprequs in there great principles, about the providence, power and juflice dd sh Ìrebut , jó of God, about the fufferings, finfulnefs and weaknefs of man. That's a fecond fenfè. ma gut tibi re- Thirdly, Others take, the words as an Iroñie, as a deriüon, orf :idear tibi (corn put upon Job by Eliphaz ; As if Eliphaz had mocked him `l`rnat, ruano. thus , 'Thou halt handled. the matter well, thou haft carried thy teu rtie+n iue fell, fb,. in the dates of thy peace and profperity, that now when thou art in trouble, thou mayeit call long enough, and cry till thy throat akes and thy fpiritsbe [pent, ana yet have none to anfwer thee, none to Ipeak a word to thee, or to do thee any good though thou cry to all the Saints,and fend to all thy friends round about. thee, yet in this day none Will hear or regard thee : Thou wilt find .hy 'f.ìf furlaken of all, no mane-will give thee any affiflance,or take any care of thy condition. Jute. as Elijah braké. - for+th in holy (corn agàinfi theProphets of Baal (i King. a S. a7,) when