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a 68 Chap. g. . AteExpofttion tapon tbe Book of J Ob. Vert. to prove yob like a fool or a wicked man, two wayes. a. In his manner of fuffering. . 2. In the matter of his fuffering. Firfi (faith he) thou art like a Tool, or like a foolifh man, like the worft of men, in the mannerof thy carriage under fufferings; The argument may be framed thus. He that behaveth himfelflike a fool, or like a wicked man while be it in trouble, is a man either openly wicked, or groffely hy- pocritical. But Job, thou behaveff thy felf, like afoolifh or a wicked man in thy troubles. Therefore thou art wicked, &c. The Affumption, or Minor Propofition, is in the feond verfe, Wrath killeth the foolifh, and envy flayeth the filly one. As if he fhould fay, Thou pinch, ragefi and vexefi thy felt under thy fufferings, after the rate of foolifh and filly ones, that is, finful and wicked ones. Secondly, He would prove ob, to be a hypocrite, becauife his fufferings for the matter of them, were like the judgments which God ofes to power forth upon wicked and ungodlymen; and that argument may be thus framed. Wicked men flourifb a while, and then fudden deffrution cometh capon them, they and their children, and their whole effates are fwallowed up in a moment. But Job, thou having_ iourifhed a little while, waft' fuddenly furprifedand fmal'ewedup by judgments, thou, thyef}ate, thy chil- dren, all devoured and confirmed. Therefore thou art a wicked man-, a very hypocrite ; God bath dealt with thee as he ufes to deal with his enemies, and therefare thou art not his friend. This is the Logick of the context, or the reafons couched in them whereby Elipbaz would convince Job of fin By this, a general light is let into the whole Context. Now, we will confider the words, and open their fenfe di ilinLily. Call now if there be any that will anfwer thee, and to which of the Saints wilt thou turne ? Interpreters vary much about the meaningof thefe words. Fitfi, Some of the Jewifh Writers, look upon there words, as proceeding